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Are kiss cut stickers more expensive than other stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are custom shaped stickers with an added border and extra backing material around your sticker design. Does that mean they are more expensive than other sticker options? Or are they cheaper because there is less cutting involved?

The answer is: it depends. In the world of custom stickers, there is no static pricing. After all, you can order your kiss cut stickers in any size, create a custom shape and select different materials.

All of these elements influence the price of your stickers. So let's find out how to get the best possible price when ordering stickers.

Stacks of kiss cut stickers on a table

How to get a quote for custom kiss cut stickers

Our kiss cut stickers page contains a live pricing calculator. You can simply enter your ideal sticker size, choose your material and select your quantity, and you will get an instant quote.

You can even play around with the size, quantity and material options until you are happy with the price.

Are you looking for a kiss cut sticker sheet instead? You can learn more about these here, or check out our sticker sheets and custom labels.

Finding the right material for your kiss cuts

Your sticker material majorly influences the price of your stickers.

Remember, kiss cut only refers to how your stickers are cut, namely only through the material layer, while the paper backing stays intact.

That means you can have your kiss cut stickers printed onto any of our materials.

When you head over to the kiss cut stickers page, you can browse your material option by clicking "choose your material". The screen-grab below shows this.

If you are after a sticker material with outdoor durability, opt for vinyl stickers with UV lamination. This ensures that your kiss cut stickers will withstand the elements.

Depending on your choice, the pricing calculator will automatically update your quote.

Die cut stickers vs. kiss cut stickers

Are die cut stickers more cost-effective than kiss cut stickers? Let's find out.

Die cut and kiss cut stickers are both custom shaped sticker options. However, the main difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers is that die cut stickers are cut through vinyl and paper backing.

This means that the edge of your design is the edge of your sticker. Your die cut sticker will therefore have the exact shape of your custom design. You can see the difference in the example below.

A die-cut sticker in the left hand and a kiss-cut sticker in the right hand

Have a look at the pricing breakdown for both, die cut and kiss cut stickers. The examples refer to stickers printed onto our bestselling white vinyl at a versatile size of 5x5cm.

Number of stickers Price


100 £43
200 £54
500 £91
1,000 £153
2,000 £238
5,000 £454
10,000 £759

Since the cost for each sticker option is the same, you might need help deciding when to use which sticker.

We recommend using kiss-cut stickers if you want stickers you can easily peel, or have a very delicate design that needs the extra backing. You can find out more about the best ways to use kiss cut stickers here.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

We have free shipping options for the United Kingdom, the United States, and parts of Europe. Learn about the thresholds for free shipping right here.

If you need our stickers fast, choose our express shipping option. For UK-based customers, this means that your order will arrive within 24 hours after it has been produced. For customers in the US and Europe, the express option can take around 2-3 days. Have a look at the condensed list of our shipping options.

Note that express shipping only refers to how fast your order will be shipped. It does not change our standard lead time of 4 working days.

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