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Are die cut stickers waterproof?

If a sticker is die-cut, it doesn't mean it's waterproof. Die-cutting refers to how a sticker is cut, not the material. You are free to choose the material for your die cut stickers yourself.

Some materials are waterproof, and some are not. We are here to talk you through the best waterproof options to make sure you will love your custom stickers.

What makes die cut vinyl stickers waterproof?

Plastic-based materials tend to be waterproof, whereas paper stickers are not. Our waterproof sticker range includes all vinyl stickers, ranging from our most popular white vinyl option to our premium vinyl materials with effects.

To give you a little nerdy insight: these vinyls are made from a durable polypropylene material, which makes them water resistant. Find out more about how die cut stickers are made.

After your die cuts are digitally printed, we apply a protective laminate. This is a clear coat that not only gives your sticker design a glossy finish, but protects it from getting washed or rubbed off. It makes your stickers water and scratch-resistant.

This turns your die cut sticker into a weatherproof sticker you can use outdoors without compromising its looks or adhesive strength. Have a look at the options by browsing our waterproof stickers.

We also offer a plastic-free sticker option. Our eco-friendly sticker range can be used outside for up to three months.

Die cut static cling with eat now logo applied to a glass door

Can vinyl die cut stickers be washed?

Yes, you can put your die cut vinyl stickers in a conventional dishwasher. The material is made to resist temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius.

However, to increase the longevity of your stickers, we recommend handwashing them.

Our sustainable sticker range is not dishwasher-proof, as the excess heat can interfere with the adhesive strength of your die cut stickers.

What can I use waterproof stickers for?

Water- and weatherproof stickers are perfect for any application that is likely to come in contact with water, or stickers that will be used outside.

We love using waterproof die cut stickers to create:

Clear die cut sticker applied to a water bottle held under a tap with running water

How can I make my die cut stickers last?

Even the most water- and weatherproof stickers can use some help. Die cut stickers come with a permanent adhesive. Yet, there are certain things you can do to get the most out of your stickers and improve their longevity.

Designing your stickers

Since die cut stickers allow you to create custom shapes, they often have multiple delicate edges.

However, the fewer corners your custom stickers have, the less likely they are to peel. While we love the creative freedom a custom shape gives you, we do recommend simplifying the cut lines for this reason.

Applying your stickers

Make sure they are stuck to a clean, dry, and preferably smooth surface.

When you apply them, air can get caught between the sticker and the surface. If this air is not removed, it can cause the sticker to peel off or the adhesive to weaken over time.

Push air bubbles out using a credit card or your thumb for the best possible result.

If you are on the hunt for inspiration for your next personalised sticker designs, explore our free online design tool Graphic.

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