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Are die cut stickers reusable?

No, we do not recommend reusing our die cut stickers. As you remove them from the surface you originally stuck them to, the adhesive becomes less sticky.

This means that we cannot guarantee that your custom stickers will perform similarly well when reapplied.

Once you peel them from the paper backing, your custom cut stickers should be applied immediately to avoid contamination of the adhesive.

Every dirt or dust particle caught under the adhesive film can interfere with the adhesion of your stickers and creates unnecessary air bubbles.

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Are vinyl stickers reusable?

Die cut stickers are custom cut along the edges to create the exact shape of your design. Any of our sticker materials can be cut in custom shapes, including our vinyls.

While vinyls are waterproof, scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe, they are not reusable for the very reason we have outlined above.

Most of our products - except for our heavy duty stickers - come with a medium-strength adhesive. This is the most versatile adhesive strength.

It means your stickers can be applied to thousands of surfaces without leaving adhesive residue or damage when peeled.

What do you do with a die cut sticker?

Die cut stickers are incredibly popular. Through their custom shape, they create visual interest and allow you to create a unique sticker design.

On top of that, they are cost-effective, and you can customize them to fit your branding: from the exact size to the perfect high quality material.

This makes custom die cut stickers the perfect tool for your next business project - from product packaging to logo stickers. You can even stick your stickers to laptopscars or windows.

You can order your die cut stickers individually cut through the vinyl and paper backing or printed onto a sticker sheet. Stickers that are printed on sheets are usually referred to as custom labels.

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What type of custom stickers are reusable?

We offer a type of sticker that can be used over and over again: static clings.

Static clings stick to flat, clean surfaces without any adhesive. Instead, it uses static only. Their surfaces are too smooth that it functions as a suction cup as soon as you push the air out from in-between the clings and the surface you are applying them to.

They are easy to apply, removable and reusable because they do not use any glue. While constant re-applying impacts the adhesive of die cut stickers, static clings can be removed and re-applied as you see fit.

Find out everything you need to know about static clings here.


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