This blog will help you to understand the difference between holographic and glitter stickers. It’ll also explain what each of them is used for and how you can get the best effects with them.

Let’s dive straight in..

What are holographic stickers?

Holographic stickers are the same as pearlescent stickers. These names are used interchangeably.

Holographic refers to the name of the material the sticker is printed on.

This material has an iridescent effect vinyl, giving an eye-catching rainbow effect to your design.

Here are some examples:

Circular holographic sticker applied to a clear plastic water bottle
A round holographic sticker on a metal water bottle in a drinks holder on a bicycle
3 holographic die-cut stickers stuck to a laptop on a wooden table
Cute dragon holographic sticker applied to an Apple iPad

What are glitter stickers?

Glitter stickers are very similar, they just have a different pattern within the material that is being printed on. It’s more like glitter, hence the name.

Here are some examples:

Full-colour glitter sticker applied to the corner of a laptop
Black and silver glitter die cut sticker stuck on a black mobile phone
Oval summer camp sticker printed on glitter vinyl on an iPad

What these stickers are not

An important point to mention when discussing holographic stickers is to understand that they are not security holograms.

Security holograms are used by banks and other brands to stop counterfeiting. Getting custom security holograms can be expensive. Minimum orders for these can be around the 30,000 units.

Security holograms are tamper-proof and are perfect for bank notes or really valuable items.

Most of the time this is overkill.

A great alternative we find works really well well is to use a holographic sticker to add the high quality and security perception to your product.

Do this by using a holographic sticker then printing a white ink ‘watermark’ of your logo or brand name to create a custom hologram effect, like this:

If you are unsure about how to create the effect just ask and our design team. They can add this watermark to your sticker when ordering.