Are you interested in stickers for your laptop?
Or are you merely browsing to find ideas for how you want your next sticker to look?

Either way, we’ve put together a list of the most creative laptop stickers we could find, from all sources.
We tell you how you can make them. Where we designed the sticker, you can download the artwork to use for your project.

Let’s get stuck in.

1. Colourful world laptop skin

Colourful world laptop sticker on a MacBook


I love this design. It’s so colourful. You could even customise it by adding pins of places you’ve visited.

You can make your version of these by getting die-cut stickers printed on white plastic vinyl.

2. Nord holographic logo sticker

Holographic Nord die cut sticker applied to a laptop

If you want to join the 1000’s of brands who use stickers to promote themselves through stickers, this is a great example.

It’s bold, includes a call to action (their web address) and stands out due to their use of the shiny holographic material.

Download this design here so you can use it as inspiration, or get your holographic stickers here.

3. Dripping paint Macbook sticker

Paint drip sticker applied to a laptop


If you’re a Mac owner, this is an excellent option for you. It shows you how colourful designs can be when using a broad spectrum of colour.

I especially love the detail in the Apple logo.

You can get your own. Just choose die-cut stickers & print them on white vinyl. If you want added bling, you can print them on glitter, and get some glittery paint effects. Awesome!

4. Motivational message sticker

Do you love what you do vinyl sticker on a laptop


If you regularly need some Monday motivation, then this is the perfect sticker for you.

Get your own by getting some simple text printed on a transparent material.

5. Google circular logo sticker

Circle white vinyl google sticker on a MacBook laptop

If your brand is this well known, keep it simple. I love how bold & recognisable this sticker is. You’re guaranteed everyone around you will notice this on your morning commute.

To get your own similar to this, get circle stickers using a white gloss material.

6. Iron Man transfer sticker

Iron man black vinyl transfer sticker on a laptop


This is a simple black transfer sticker. It’s highly effective as the black contrasts amazingly with the silver aluminium, and I love the apple-shaped light in the hand.

7. Vikings Trading mirror gold sticker

Mirror gold die cut sticker applied to a laptop

I love the simplicity of this monochrome design, how it shows off the striking colours & beautiful brand logo.

You can download this design here for inspiration & ensure you get mirror gold stickers to get the same gold chrome effect.

If you have any awesome laptop stickers you’d like to add, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.