Here are 6 of the best examples of holographic stickers we’ve seen.

The iridescent effect of the vinyl can be used to create some incredible effects! Print different colours on top of the holographic vinyl to achieve this.

Find out more about how holographic stickers are made here.

Use these examples as inspiration to create your own awesome holographic stickers.

1. James Hersey spaceman

This sticker features the musician James Hersey’s spaceman logo printed onto our holographic material, with a white border, making the design really stand out.

2. Discovery badge

I really like the white ink behind the writing and shuttle, ensuring those parts of the design are always easy to read despite the angle of light on the sticker.

3. Vanguard clothing co

The black writing on the holographic background really stands out, and the yellow contrasts nicely with the black.

4. Crouching tiger not so hidden holo

A faint orange was printed over the holographic makes this design really shine.

5. To the moon and back

I love how the white ink areas on the moon give it a cool textured look

6. Don’t touch!

With no white ink behind the ground, sky or cacti, the colours really pop and catch the light.

If you have an awesome example of holographic stickers you’d like us to add to this list please leave a comment below.