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Guide gratuit : 4 questions à se poser avant de commander des stickers personnalisés

Écrit par des experts de l'industrie avec plus de 30 ans d'expérience dans l'impression d'autocollants pour les plus grandes marques du monde.

À l'intérieur d'apprendre

  • Assurez-vous que vos autocollants ne se décollent pas ou ne se décolorent pas lorsqu'ils sont entre les mains des clients

  • Représentez votre marque de la meilleure façon possible

  • Économisez de l'argent et du temps en n'achetant pas le mauvais autocollant pour votre application

A downloadable book titled the 4 questions you never knew to ask to get your perfect custom stickers

Plus de 9000 clients satisfaits, voici ce que certains en disent


verified reviews

That Pizza Guy

30th November 2022

For the most part the design and proofing process was super easy and I love that and will order more! However my package hit America and then disappeared at a sorting facility 12 days ago ***EDIT*** Nov 30 22 My replacement samples came & I'm for the most part really impressed! I ordered the 10 PC sample which somehow got lost so they reprinted my order & got it sent out rather quickly! One of the stickers which oddly was the first one in the stack was NOT right! But they sent 14 instead of 10 so who am I to complain... Well I get to co.plain a little bit that issue was resolved, however not noticing the very first sticker in the stack didn't print right is somebody else's problem.. I may or may not be back


25th November 2022

Loved their custom biodegradable stickers. It's exactly what we wanted.


23rd November 2022

Very good stickers. Fast delivery. Good quality. Would buy them again!


18th November 2022

The service was fast.


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