Print full color on clear stickers and labels

Printing full color on custom clear stickers and labels is no problem, thanks to a magical technique called white underprinting.

With this, you are in complete control over the final look of your stickers and labels. Do you want full color? No problem. Transparent colors? Easy. An opaque white? Absolutely. Choose which parts to stay transparent? Lemon squeezy. So let's find out how this works.

What is white underprinting?

White underpinning is the process of using white ink to create different effects on clear materials. White ink controls the effect of the clear material.

When we print a layer of it over your clear stickers or labels, it dilutes the stained-glass effect printing directly onto the material would create.

With white ink, we create a base for printing vibrant and opaque colors.

Clear eco friendly compostable labels with flower design applied to handmade soy wax candles

When to use white underprinting?

Opt for white underprinting when you want your clear stickers or labels to have opaque (that is, full, normal-looking) colors.

When you want to do that is, of course, up to you and your personal preference.

However, we recommend using white underprinting when your design contains small text or intricate details that have to be easy to read or spot. It can also help your design elements to stand out from the background of the surface you will apply your stickers and labels to. For more inspiration, have a look at the best clear sticker designs we have seen.

Can you print white ink on white underprinting?

Yes, printing white ink on white underprinting is not a problem. We essentially hit the material with two layers of white ink to create a vibrant and full white for you.

You can see a great example below.

Clear die cut adventure logo applied to a silver laptop

Can you selectively use white underprinting?

Yes, you can selectively use white underprinting - and it looks phenomenal.

We can hit only parts of your design with white ink, print color onto other parts and even have the clear material come through in other areas.

To do that, you can either:

  • Create white layers where you want white ink on your design and submit it
  • Let us know which parts of your design you'd like to remain transparent, have the stained-glass effect or appear opaquely when checking out (there will be an instructions box)

    What is coating?

    Coating, also called laminate, is a protective layer that can be applied to specific sticker or label materials. This layer shields the design underneath from wear and fading due to exposure to the elements, making them more durable and long-lasting.

    Different coatings are available depending on the material being coated, with some providing a glossy finish while others provide a matte look.

    Should I use a matte or a gloss coating? 

    Which coating you'd like to use is really up to you and the look you want to create for your design.

    Our clear stickers and labels come with a glossy finish as we find that it enhances the transparent nature of the material and makes it look more high quality.

    If you want a matte look instead, please contact us before packing your order.

     White underprinting is a great way to get full color, transparent colors and opaque whites on clear stickers and labels. By selectively using white ink, you can create unique designs that stand out from the background.

    To ensure your design lasts longer and looks better for longer, coating it with either a gloss or matte finish will provide an extra layer of protection against wear and fading due to exposure to the elements. With these tips, you can customize your perfect sticker or label design every time!

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