What Is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

Kiss cut stickers are the secret gem of the sticker world and should not be underestimated. Why? Well, you are about to find out. Our easy-to-read guide on all things kiss cut stickers will help you understand exactly how and when to use them.

We will cover everything there is to know about custom kiss cut stickers: what they are, what they look like, how to order them and much more.

Clear kiss cut stickers some peeled and one applied to a clear water bottle

What does kiss cut mean?

A kiss cut sticker is an individually cut sticker that is cut through the material layer only, without cutting through the backing paper.

Because the paper backing stays intact, kiss cut stickers have an extra border around the sticker that makes them easier to peel and faster to apply.

You can even print additional information on the border for no extra cost.

What does a kiss cut sticker look like?

Just like die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers only describe how your custom stickers are cut, not what material they are made out of.

You are still free to choose your perfect sticker material, which will, of course, change the appearance of your kiss cut stickers.

You can double-check the look of your stickers before they are sent to print. Within 12 working hours after ordering from us, you will receive a digital design proof.

This will not only show you what your sticker will look like, but also depicts the kiss-cut and the thru-cut line. You can see them in the example below.

Example of what a clear kiss cut sticker will look like on a design proof showing different cut lines

The magenta line represents the thru-cut line. It will be the edge of your kiss cut stickers, meaning it will be cut through the material layer as well as the backing material.

The green line indicates the kiss-cut line. This delineates the peelable part of your stickers that will only be cut through the material layer.

Both, your thru- and your kiss-cut line can follow a custom shape, making your kiss cut stickers even more unique.

The difference between kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers

Kiss cut and die cut stickers are the most popular sticker options available, so it is definitely worth knowing their difference.

Die cut stickers are cut straight through the vinyl and paper backing in the exact shape of your designs. The edge of your sticker is also the edge of the backing paper.

Kiss cut stickers, on the other hand, leave the paper backing intact. This makes them perfect for delicate designs. The additional border around your sticker protects detailed edges and allows you to peel them easily.

You can learn more about the kiss cut and die cut stickers and when to use which in our blog post kiss cut stickers vs die cut stickers.


Are kiss cut stickers more expensive than other stickers?

No. Kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers cost the same. However, in the world of custom stickers, there is no static pricing. After all, you can order your kiss cut stickers in any size, create a custom shape and select different materials.

Our kiss cut stickers page contains a live pricing calculator. You can simply enter your ideal sticker size, choose your material and select your quantity, and you will get an instant quote.

You can even play around with the size, quantity and material options until you are happy with the price.

Since the cost for die cut and kiss cut stickers is the same, you might need help deciding when to use which sticker.

We recommend using kiss-cut stickers if you want stickers you can easily peel, or have a very delicate design that needs the extra backing.

Can I get holographic kiss cut stickers?

You absolutely can! The term kiss cut does not describe the material your stickers will be printed on.

Depending on your sticker design, you can choose the ideal material, including holographic vinyl.

Holographic kiss cut stickers are perfect if you are looking to create an eye-catching sticker.

On top of that, holographic stickers come with a glossy UV lamination that protects your stickers from sunlight, water, scratches and chemicals and gives them outdoor durability.

You can simply decide on your favorite material by heading over to the kiss cut stickers page.

Kiss cut glitter sticker with James Hersey logo applied to a black phone

Can I get kiss cut sticker singles?

When you order custom stickers, you might not have the option to order a small amount. However, often it can be critically to trial a great-looking sticker before committing to a larger order.

There are two ways you can go about this on our website:

  • The pricing calculator, which you can find on every product page on our website, automatically calculates a minimum order quantity based on the measurements you entered.
  • We offer custom samples for you to try out. For only $9 you will receive 10 stickers with your design. Perfect for trial runs.

Of course, you can also read about how to make your own kiss cut stickers.

Do you offer kiss cut sticker sheets?

Our sticker sheets are already kiss cut. Instead of individually cut stickers, sticker sheets are roughly A4 sheets with numerous peelable designs.

The sheet itself forms the additional border around each sticker. So you will not find a specific kiss cut sticker sheets page as every sticker sheet is kiss cut.

And now you are a kiss cut sticker expert, ready to order! Find out more about the world of sticker printing by checking out our blog.

If you need help finding your perfect sticker, you can:

  • take our quiz
  • ask our experts for a personalized recommendation
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