The Fastest & Easiest Way To Order Custom Stickers And Labels

Have you ever found ordering custom products painful? We’ll show you how easy it is to order custom stickers in 4 simple steps.

Ordering custom products can often feel overwhelming. What should you choose? How can you communicate special requirements? Do you just have to hope that it will turn out right? We're here to help remove this pain from you.

One of the reasons we started Sticker it was to make ordering custom products a much nicer and simpler experience.

We’ve worked tirelessly for years to perfect the ordering process, whilst still allowing you to have the range of options needed to get the best sticker for your application.

So let's break down our ordering process into 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose your sticker or label
  2. Enter your size & quantity
  3. Upload your artwork
  4. Review your proof

1. Choose your sticker or label

The most important bit to get right is choosing the best type of sticker or label for you.

Here’s a video to help you choose, or visit our blog on choosing the perfect custom sticker.

But to sum it up: Stickers are individually cut, whereas custom labels are printed onto sheets. We generally recommend getting labels when you are looking to brand your products as they are easier and faster to apply.

Both, stickers and labels are available in a range of materials. Of course, the look of the label matters, but you also need to think about durability. Our vinyl materials are all water- and scratch-proof, perfect for outdoor use. Our paper stickers, on the other hand, should be kept away from water.

2. Enter your size & quantity

If you already know what size your sticker or label should be, you can simply enter it. This takes mere seconds, see:


Are you wondering what sticker or label size would be ideal for you? Then you can watch our ultimate guide on sticker sizes below:

Don’t worry about getting it 100% accurate down to the last millimetre.

We will show you your exact final sticker size on the design proof we send you before we print. You can make changes for free until you’re happy.

3. Upload your artwork

After entering your size & quantity just click the ‘Continue’ button. Then you’ll be asked to upload your artwork.

Tip – if you’re buying sticker sheets you can have multiple designs on one sheet. Simple ZIP the file before uploading.

You can upload any file type you want. If your artwork is not ready yet, you can choose to email us later. We will send you a reminder so you don’t have to remember 😀

Or, you can create your artwork here using our free online design tool Graphic. There, you can find hundreds of design elements and templates. You are also able to upload and edit your own artwork.

Find more tips on what to do when you do not have any artwork here.

4. Review your proof

Having placed your order, our design team will get to work making your sticker look perfect. We will send you a design proof to approve before we print. You can make any changes you want for free until you are completely satisfied.

A design proof is a digital representation of your sticker or label. It shows how they will look once printed.

Here is a great example:

Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added

It’s that simple.

You can order your custom stickers and labels in only 3 minutes without risk. How cool is that?!

Are you ready to give custom sticker printing a try?


P.S.: If you already ordered with us before, you can reorder your design even faster.

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