Kiss Cut Stickers: The Definitive Guide

Are you wondering whether you should use kiss-cut stickers for your next project? Or maybe you want to know what makes these stickers so special?

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share everything there is to know about custom kiss-cut stickers and how to get the best possible result when ordering them.

Let's dive right in.

What is a kiss cut sticker?

Kiss cut stickers are custom stickers that can be cut into any shape. What makes them special is the added border around the custom-shaped part of your sticker.

Your kiss cut sticker is cut through the material layer only, leaving the paper backing intact. That leaves a border around your sticker.

In the design proof below, you can see the difference between the cutlines. The magenta line indicates the edge of your sticker, whereas the green line depicts the outline of the peelable part of your kiss cuts.

Example of what a clear kiss cut sticker will look like on a design proof showing different cut lines

Does the size of a kiss cut sticker include the whole sticker or just the peelable sticker?

So, if a kiss cut sticker essentially has two parts, the border and the peelable part, what size should you enter when ordering your stickers?

The size you select includes both: the peelable part and the border. When you order a 3"x3" kiss cut sticker, the peelable sticker will be smaller than 3"x3".

But you are free to decide how big or small you want your border to be.

After you add kiss cut stickers to your cart, you can click "add proofing instructions" and let our design team know any specifications.

How are kiss cut stickers made?

Just like all of our stickers and labels, kiss cut stickers are manufactured within 4 working days. This includes printing, kiss cutting and laminating.

Watch the video below for a look behind the scenes of the kiss cut sticker-making process.

You can also find tips on how to make kiss cut stickers here.

What are the best sizes for kiss cut stickers?

There is no one-fits all size when it comes to custom stickers. You can choose any sticker size to make your stickers fit the area you want them to cover.

Your perfect kiss cut sticker size depends on

a) the size of the surface you want to stick your stickers to and

b) how much space you want your stickers to cover.

If there is no specific area you want to cover, or you are looking to sell your stickers, stick to the most popular size ranges for kiss cut stickers.

These range from 2" to 4", which makes them perfect for applying to laptops and phones.

Do you want to learn more about the different sizing options? Then have a look at our guide to finding the best size for your custom stickers and labels.

Why get kiss cut stickers: The advantages

Okay, kiss cut stickers are custom-cut stickers with a border around them. But what good does that do? What are the advantages of kiss cut stickers? Buckle up and read on.

Kiss cut stickers are easy to peel

Kiss cutting means that the backing paper of your stickers remains intact. That means your kiss cut stickers come with extra backing material, which creates an added border around your stickers.

This allows for easy peeling, which can save you valuable time when applying your stickers. It can also make for a better customer experience when you hand out or sell your kiss cut stickers.

The border allows for extra branding

But the added border is not just functional. Instead, you can use it to optimize your branding.

When you design your kiss cut stickers, be sure to include a design to be printed onto the border.

This allows you to sneak in some extra marketing messages, but also means that consumers, prospects or customers can peel your stickers and only use your design to decorate their devices and belongings. And the best thing? Printing on the border is free!

The best uses of kiss cut stickers

Of course, you can use kiss cut stickers just like you can use any other sticker and turn them into logo stickers or stickers for laptops, so we won't list these here. Instead, we will introduce you to two uses kiss cut stickers are absolutely perfect for.

Kiss-cut stickers are incredibly flexible, and you are by no means tied to the suggestions below. You can also make your own kiss cut stickers at home.

Intricate designs

We've been going on about the backing paper, haven't we? But it is an absolute game changer that can make your stickers.

If you have a delicate design with very intricate cutlines or edges that could get folded or ripped, kiss cut stickers offer the exact amount of protection that your sticker needs.

On top of that, the extra sticker paper makes it a lot easier to peel your stickers - and that can never be a bad thing.


Individually cut kiss cut stickers make the perfect branded giveaway. Print your business logo, fun slogans or more great designs onto them and start handing them out to customers.

The beauty of choosing kiss cut stickers for your giveaways is that you can limit your branding to the border, allowing customers to simply stick a cool design to their laptops or phones. This makes them much more likely to actually use your stickers, for the world to see.

Everybody loves a freebie and this is a great way to get customers to engage with your brand.

Peeled white vinyl kiss cut sticker with hamster design applied to a cardboard food box

Where can I order kiss cut stickers?

Are kiss-cut stickers just what you were looking for? Then head over to our kiss cut stickers page.

Simply enter your sticker size, choose your material, pick your quantity and upload your artwork.

You can also create your own sticker artwork in minutes using Graphic, our free online design tool.

If you need a little more help deciding, here are the top ways to get started:

  • Take our quiz to find your perfect material
  • Reach out to our experts to get a personalized recommendation
  • Order a material sample to explore our materials
  • Get a custom made sample to test a design
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