Finding The Best Size For Your Custom Stickers And Labels

Finding the best size for your custom stickers and labels depends on a whole range of factors: the shape you want, the custom design you have created and how you want to use your stickers and labels.

The beauty of custom sticker printing is that you are guaranteed to find the right fit. But this can sometimes be hard without guidance. And that is why we are here.

Below, you will find tips and tricks that will help you find your perfect size for your stickers and labels, including an overview of the most popular sizes and when to use them. Read on or watch the video below for a summary.

Finding the correct size for your stickers and labels can feel intimidating. You are truly free to choose whatever size you need - which means you have unlimited options and do not have to settle for standard label sizes.

But how can you narrow down the infinite list of options to one that truly works for you?

First of all, you want to keep your sticker or label in proportion with the surface you will be applying them to. So be sure to accurately measure both: the size of your product or surface and the area you want to your sticker or label to cover.

To give you a better idea of what different sizes look like, we have collected our top 3 most popular sizes below.

1. Our smallest option: 0.8"x0.8"

A 0.8"x0.8" sticker or label is our smallest labeling option. We do not recommend opting for anything smaller as it makes your design difficult to read.

This size is great if you are after small logo stickers to elevate your product packaging. You can use them as quality seals or packaging seals for small products like jewellery.

When you choose small stickers, make sure to order them on sticker sheets. It makes peeling them a lot easier. 

The golden rule for creating small stickers and labels is not to overcrowd them. 0.8"x0.8" do not give you much to work with. Opt for a minimalist design to achieve the best results at such a small size.

Remember that a 0.8"x0.8" sticker or label is about the same size as a 50p coin. This is why we generally recommend going for a traditional shape when choosing these small stickers.

2. The perfect all-rounders

This brings us to our most popular range of sizes: stickers and labels between 2" and 3" can be used for a multitude of purposes. And it is the perfect range to show off the custom design and shape of your stickers.

This is the ideal size for business as well as personal use. They work amazingly as promotional logo stickers for your company, packaging seals for your shipping boxes, or decorative mug stickers and laptop stickers.

You can even get the same design printed within different aspect ratios and use them as coherent branding materials.

They are big enough to include legible text and design elements, yet not so big that they overpower your product or surface. Have a look at the image below to get inspired.

A size comparison of different sticker designs compared to a laptop

3. Larger options

Our product range goes up to 27.5"x27.5" - that is quite a large decal. But some surfaces just need a larger sticker or label.

Larger sizes are ideal for promotional stickers or labels that need to be seen in busy spaces or from a distance.

For window stickers or car stickers, for example, any size starting from 4.7"x4.7" will do the job.

As mentioned above, your ideal size depends on the area you want to fill. A 4.7"x4.7" sticker can easily get lost on a truck, whereas a 12"x12" car window sticker can pose a security hazard.

The bigger your stickers or labels, the harder they are to apply, and we find that anything larger than 12" will cause more harm than good.

A word on sheet labels: sheet size vs label size

When you order custom labels, you might wonder whether you have to enter the size of your overall sheet or the size of each label.

The answer is that both work just fine. It depends on how you will be submitting your artwork and which size matters more to you. You can find out more here: Do I enter my sheet size or individual sticker size?

If you have a product label that you want to be printed onto sheets, we recommend entering the size of your label and choosing the quantity based on how many individual labels you want. Essentially, you can treat the size of your individual label like a sticker size. Then, upload your product label design.

Our design team will place them on the optimum sheet size for you. You will be able to check this on the digital design proof you will be sent before we print your order.

If you have created a sticker sheet that you want to hand out or sell, you might want to enter the size of your overall sheet and pick how many sheets you would like printed. Upload your sheet and our design team will proof it for you.

This also works if you do not have a ready-made sheet design. You can simply upload multiple designs that our designers will place on a sheet for you. If you do not specify the size of your sheet, they will create an A4 size for you.

And that is all you need to know about finding your ideal sticker or label size. Are you ready to place your order? Then check out our range and get started.

You can also take our quiz to find your perfect material, have a look at our risk-free samples options or ask our experts for a personalized recommendation.

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