How to Make One Inch Photo Buttons

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to show off your favourite photos? Look no further than one-inch photo buttons! With just a few simple steps, you can make beautiful personalised buttons that are perfect for wearing or displaying. Whether you prefer the do-it-yourself route or professional printing services, it’s easy to create custom one-inch photo buttons that will be cherished by all who see them. So let's get started!

Select your image

When selecting an image for your one-inch photo button, choosing a design with a simple motif is important. Too many details in the image can make it difficult to see when printed on such a small surface. For best results, pick an image that has clear lines and shapes without too much clutter or complexity. A single object or face is ideal for this type of project. When you’ve chosen your image, you can begin preparing it for printing and making your one-inch photo buttons!

Resize your design

Resizing your design to one inch is an important step in making a one-inch photo button. The image you have chosen should be formatted and resized to fit the button's dimensions, which is typically 1 inch in diameter. This can be done using various photo editing software or apps. When resizing, it's important to ensure that all details remain clear and visible on such a small surface area so that your final product looks its best!

Prepare your photo for printing

Preparing your photo for printing is an important step in creating a one-inch photo button. No matter how you want to use your custom photo buttons, you'll want to make sure that your image is high-resolution and free of any pixelation. Additionally, it's important to set up a bleed (an extra margin around the edge of the image) so that it prints correctly on the button size. Lastly, be sure to set all colours in CMYK mode as this is what most professional printers use for optimal colour accuracy. With these steps taken care of, you're now ready to print or have your one-inch photo buttons printed!

Option 1: Do it yourself

Once your photo is print-ready, you can create your custom photo buttons yourself - here's how:

1. Choose a printable material

Choosing a printable material is an important step in making one-inch photo buttons. The best option for this project is white cardstock, as it will provide the highest quality results and won't be prone to fading or discolouration over time. Additionally, you can find pre-cut 1-inch circle sheets with an adhesive back that can make the process much easier and less time-consuming.

2. Print your photo

Once you have a printable material and an appropriately sized design, it's time to print! Make sure to set up all printing options correctly, ensuring that the colours are in CMYK mode and that your image has enough bleed around the edges to print properly. It is also important to double-check that the photo is high-resolution and pixelated-free. Once you have confirmed all of these settings, you can send your file to the printer and wait for it to finish.

3. Cut or peel your circles

Once the print job is finished, it's time to cut out the circles to be used as one-inch photo buttons. If you opted for the pre-cut circle sheets, simply peel off the adhesive backing and place each image onto its own one-inch circle. If not, you will need to use a cutting tool to carefully cut out your circles from the sheet of cardstock. Make sure to take your time when doing this step as any mistakes could ruin all of your hard work!

4. Insert your photo

Once all of the circles have been cut or peeled, you can begin inserting each photo into its own one-inch button. The easiest way to do this is with a button maker machine, which will punch out the appropriate-sized holes and press in each photo securely. If you don't have access to one of these machines, you can also use a manual button maker with a two-piece plastic press and an adapter to insert each photo. Once all of the buttons are assembled, you can proudly wear or display your custom one-inch photo buttons!

Option 2: Professional printers

If you don't feel comfortable creating your own one-inch photo buttons, you can always rely on professional printing services to do the work for you. Here's how:

1. Set your size

First, you’ll need to let the printing service know what size of photo buttons you want. As we are making one-inch photo buttons, be sure to specify that exact size with them so they can correctly set up your order.

2. Enter your quantity

When it comes to ordering one-inch photo buttons from a professional printing service, you have the option of choosing from standard quantities or entering your own quantity for a custom price. Bulk discounts are also available when ordering larger amounts of one-inch photo buttons, making this an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need large orders of personalised products.

3. Upload your photo

Once you have chosen the size and quantity of your one-inch photo buttons, it's time to upload your image to the printing service. Ensure all colours are set in CMYK mode and the resolution is high enough for a clear print on such a small surface. Additionally, be sure to include the bleed when uploading your photo so that it prints correctly on the buttons.

4. Review your design proof

Once you have uploaded your image, the printing service will generate a design proof for you to review and approve before proceeding with the order. This is an important step as it allows you to double-check that all colours, text, and images are correct before finalising your order. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can submit the proof and wait for your one-inch photo buttons to arrive!

With these steps, you're well on your way to creating custom one-inch photo buttons of your own! Whether you choose to make them yourself or have them professionally printed, these little pieces of art will be a great way to make a statement and show off your unique style. So get creative and have fun adding some one-inch photo buttons to your wardrobe or decor today!

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