How to Make Custom Stickers With Cricut

Cricut has made it easy for home crafters to create a wide range of DIY projects—including making custom stickers for business. Its wide range of features lets you do everything within the Cricut ecosystem, from designing stickers to sell to cutting the final prints on a custom sticker printer.

To make custom stickers with Cricut, all you need are sticker materials, a home printer, and a Cricut machine. Simply create a design, upload it, and print it on sticker paper through a printer. Upload the same design to Cricut Design Space, calibrate your machine, then cut it. Now, you have custom stickers that you can sell!

How to make custom stickers with cricut

What Is Cricut?

Cricut is a brand of electronic cutting machines and tools designed to help in a variety of DIY crafts like paper crafting, home decor, and sticker making. Their cutting machines can cut out precise and accurate digital designs on various materials, including vinyl and fabric. They also have software and apps, such as Design Space, that help users design and customise their projects on their computer or mobile device before sending them for printing and cutting.

What Is Cricut’s “Print-Then-Cut” Feature?

Most sticker makers use Cricut’s “print-then-cut” feature, which lets you print designs out on your home printer, then place the printed sheet onto an adhesive mat and run them through your Cricut machine to cut them out. This works through sensors that enable the machine to scan the image and know exactly where to cut, resulting in custom stickers in unique shapes and sizes.

Making Custom Stickers With Cricut

If you’ve got yourself a Cricut machine (or are thinking of getting one) and want to use it to create custom stickers, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Create Your Design

Start by creating your design. You can do this right on the Cricut Design Space app, but you can also design your stickers on other creative platforms like Procreate, Photoshop, or Canva. Note that the maximum workable area for Cricut’s “print-then-cut” feature is 9.25 inches by 6.75 inches, so make sure that your stickers fit in that space or are at least smaller than that.

Once your design is ready, print your stickers. You can do this by printing it as you normally would on your home printer or uploading your design to Design Space (that is if you didn’t make it on the app from the get-go), then printing it through the platform. Make sure that you’re using the right material, such as sticker paper or vinyl, and that you’re printing it on the right side of the sheet (i.e. not the backing side). You may also want to fix your own printer settings to make sure you get the right colours and sizing.

Prepare Your Cricut Machine

After printing your stickers, it’s time to prepare your Cricut machine to cut them. If you’re already on Design Space, this step is easier since you can calibrate your machine with your design. But if you’re moving from another app to this, you’ll have to fix the settings yourself (don’t worry—this is easy. Just follow the walk-through!).

The most important thing here is to select the right material as this will dictate how deep the machine will cut through the sheet. If you want the backing paper to remain, you’ll want it calibrated for kiss cuts; if you want it cut through the sheet, you’ll want to select something thicker to make die cuts.

Cut Your Stickers

When your Cricut machine is calibrated, you can now have it cut your stickers! Place your printed sticker sheet onto a LightGrip mat and feed it into the Cricut machine. Then, leave it to do the work! After cutting, you can remove or trim the edges or pop out the individual pieces. 

Start Selling and Sticking

Now you’ve got custom stickers that you can start selling and applying! The great thing about making stickers with Cricut is that if you need to make a lot, you can use the same calibrations and just repeat the latter part of the process to cut out multiple sheets.

Grow Your Sticker-Making Business With Sticker it

While Cricut is an immense help for people getting into the sticker-making business, you’ll need something bigger if you want to take your venture to greater heights. Partnering with a custom sticker printer like Sticker it can help you scale your business. While you create more custom designs, Sticker it can take care of making sure they come out with crisp detail on high-quality materials. Grow your sticker-making business with Sticker it today!

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