Why Get Kiss Cut Stickers: The Advantages

Kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, custom stickers, custom cut sticker, custom shaped stickers - how are you meant to decide?

In this article, we will help you with just that. Below, you will find everything you need to know about custom kiss cut stickers, their advantages and when to use them.

After reading this, you will know exactly if kiss cut stickers are the right fit for you.

Recap: What makes kiss cut stickers special?

When applied, kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers and other custom-cut stickers can look exactly the same. But, they are cut differently.

Whereas die cut stickers are through all layers, including the backing paper, kiss cut stickers are only cut through the material layer. This leaves the backing paper intact. That means your kiss cut stickers come with extra backing material, which creates an added border around your stickers.

You can even create personalised kiss cut stickers with a few simple tweaks.

Kiss cut glitter sticker with James Hersey logo applied to a black phone

The advantages of kiss cut stickers

Let's get down to business and look at why kiss cut stickers should be your go-to custom marketing tool.

Kiss cut stickers are easy to peel

Okay, kiss cut stickers are custom-cut stickers with a border around them. But what good does that do?

The added material allows for easy peeling, which can save you valuable time when applying your stickers. It can also improve customer experience when you hand out or sell your kiss cut stickers.

The border allows for extra branding

But the added border is not just functional. Instead, you can use it to optimise your branding.

When you design your kiss cut stickers, include a design or more text to be printed onto the border.

This allows you to sneak in some extra marketing messages but also means that consumers, prospects or customers can peel your stickers and only use your design to decorate their devices and belongings. And the best thing? Printing on the border is free!

Holographic kiss cut sticker with NYE rave space design

They look and feel premium

Kiss cut stickers have a unique look and feel due to their added border and the chosen material. Their border increases their aesthetic value, adding an extra dimension to the overall design. Additionally, they are usually printed on high-quality materials like vinyl, which is thick and durable, making them even more attractive and tough. With kiss cut stickers, you can be sure that your marketing will stick.

The best uses of kiss cut stickers

Of course, you can use kiss cut stickers just like any other sticker and turn them into logo stickers or stickers for laptops so that we won't list these here. Instead, we will introduce you to two uses kiss cut stickers are absolutely perfect for.

Intricate designs

We've been going on about the backing paper, haven't we? But it is an absolute game changer that can make your stickers.

If you have a delicate design with very intricate cutlines or edges that could get folded or ripped, kiss cut stickers offer the exact amount of protection that your sticker needs.

On top of that, the extra sticker paper makes it a lot easier to peel your stickers - and that can never be a bad thing.


Individually cut kiss cut stickers make the perfect branded giveaway. Print your business logo, fun slogans or more great designs onto them and start handing them out to customers.

The beauty of choosing kiss cut stickers for your giveaways is that you can limit your branding to the border, allowing customers to stick a cool design to their laptops or phones simply. This makes them much more likely actually to use your stickers, for the world to see.

Everybody loves a freebie and this is a great way to get customers to engage with your brand. 

Clear kiss cut stickers some peeled and one applied to a clear water bottle
Kiss cut stickers are ideal for marketers to leverage when building brand awareness and engaging with customers. With their unique look, feel and easy peel-off properties, kiss cut stickers can be used in many ways - from intricate designs to promotional giveaways.
If you're looking for the perfect way to promote your business without breaking the bank, consider customising some kiss cut stickers today! There's no better way to show off your creative side while also getting people talking about your brand. So what are you waiting for?
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