What is a Collector of Fridge Magnets Called?

There is no official term for a collector of fridge magnets. However, a word you will com across is memomagnetist. It is used in many forums to describe someone who collects fridge magnets

If you want to find out more about the world of fridge magnets, this article is for you.

Is collecting fridge magnets a hobby?

It can be! Many people are incredibly proud of their fridge magnet collections.

Fridge magnets are often souvenirs people buy on holiday, showcasing their wanderlust and experience.

However, collectors will also search for specific magnet designs unrelated to their personal experiences or preferences.

Rectangle magnet with pie collective hamster logo design

Why do people collect fridge magnets?

There are several reasons why people collect fridge magnets. These little pieces of art have an attraction of their own. So let's explore why we are so drawn to them.

1. They are pretty

Fridge magnets are more than souvenirs to remember a trip by or something to decorate your kitchen with; they can express our unique personalities and interests. From vibrant designs with bright colours, sparkles, and shapes, to simple messages that remind us of good times, there is something for everyone in the world of fridge magnets.

2. They are affordable

Collecting fridge magnets can be an inexpensive hobby for many people, especially compared to other collections like vintage toys and antiques that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Most fridge magnets cost only a few dollars, making them accessible and easy to add to any collection.

3. They are portable

Fridge magnets are small and lightweight, so they are easy to transport. This makes them perfect for picking up when travelling or taking with your when moving home. They can also be easily removed and stored away if necessary, allowing you to switch up your designs whenever possible.

4. They remind us of a good time

For many people, collecting fridge magnets allows them to keep memories alive. They are a physical reminder of past experiences, holidays taken, and special occasions celebrated. Each time you look at your collection of fridge magnets, it's like taking a mini-vacation back in time!

Is it okay to put magnets on a fridge?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to put magnets on a fridge. Magnets provide an easy and fun way to decorate your refrigerator with photos, artwork, messages or reminders.

They can also be used creatively to store important documents or notes without taking up too much space in the kitchen. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they're practical too!

Many different types of magnets are available in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect for any style of kitchen décor. Plus, because you can easily rearrange them whenever you like, there's no need to worry about making mistakes when decorating your fridge door.

Why you will love our fridge magnets

At Sticker it, we offer you fridge magnets with a twist. Curious? Then read on.

1. Print your own memories 

Printing your own photo fridge magnets is the perfect way to show off your favourite memories. You can choose any photo with custom magnets and print it onto a magnet for display in your home or office. Whether it's a photo of family members, friends, pets, vacation spots or something that makes you smile - custom magnets are an affordable way to print and preserve precious memories.

2. Select any material 

At Sticker it, we offer you the option to choose from several different magnets. From glossy white vinyl to glitter vinyl - there is something for everyone! Depending on your preferences, you can pick whichever material suits your needs best. We offer a premium gloss finish to make the images look even more vibrant and professional.

3. Keep them for ages 

Our custom fridge magnets are designed to last! We use high-quality printing and material so that your magnets will remain in perfect condition for years without fading or losing their adhesion. Our highly durable magnets will help keep your photos and messages securely attached to the fridge door - making them an ideal choice for busy families needing extra organisation.

At Sticker it, we have the perfect magnet for any collector - no matter how big or small their collection may be! Whether you're looking for something to add to your fridge door, a memento of a special occasion, or something fun and unique, we have it all. So why not start collecting today?


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