Logo Magnets for Events

Are you looking for the perfect handout for your guests, clients or prospects to talk about your brand long after an event? Look no further than logo magnets! These fun, memorable and customisable items are sure to make any celebration an unforgettable one.

With various shapes, sizes and materials, logo magnets can be tailored to fit any theme or style. Whether hosting a corporate gathering or attending an industry event, these unique magnets will excite your occasion. So why settle for boring old handouts when you could give out something unique? Let logo magnets help make your event one that nobody will forget!

What are logo magnets?

Logo magnets are the perfect way to put your brand in the spotlight! They are made from two components: printable vinyl and magnetic sheets that can be cut into any shape you want.

This is by far the best part of ordering custom logo magnets: you are in control and can create any look you can think of. Submit your own design, and choose your printable vinyl, shape and size to craft a marketing tool that truly represents your brand.

Tips on how to customise logo magnets for business events

Sometimes having too many choices can be overwhelming. So we are here to share top tips on customising your logo magnets to boost your next business event.

1. Stick with a simple logo 

Simple logos are the best way to ensure that your message stands out and resonates with the audience. Sticking with a straightforward design will help you convey your message efficiently and effectively while making it easier to remember. Plus, simple logos are usually more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Select an appropriate size 

When customising logo magnets, size matters! Too small and your logo will be difficult to read; too large and it might not fit the container you're using for your giveaways. So pick a size that works best for your design and will grab attention without overpowering the look of the magnet. We recommend a range between 4cm and 8cm for ultimate versatility.

3. Choose a custom shape 

If you want to make your logo magnets unique and stand out, consider selecting a custom shape. Logo magnets come in a variety of options, but the most popular is called die cut. Die cut magnets are custom-cut magnets that can have any shape you want. Perfect for standing out!

4. Pick an effect material 

When selecting a suitable material for your logo magnets, consider choosing a glossy or metallic vinyl to make your design even more eye-catching. Glossy materials will give the logo a polished and professional look, while subtle effects like glitter or holographic can also bring a touch of elegance to any event.

5. Include QR codes 

Adding a QR code is the perfect way to draw attention to your logo magnets! Guests can access additional information about your brand when they scan the code with their phones. This is the perfect opportunity to share more content, such as a promotion, website or contact info.

Benefits of using logo magnets as takeaways from events

Still not convinced? Then let us talk you three about some of the biggest benefit of using logo magnets for your next event.

Top of mind 

Custom logo magnets are a great way to keep your brand at the top of customers' minds. As an event handout, they can be stuck to fridges and filing cabinets in offices or homes, providing ongoing exposure for your business. This also makes logo stickers for non-profits a great option.

Logo magnets are also effective because they’re eye-catching and memorable - which will help ensure that customers remember your brand long after the event. Customising them with unique shapes, materials, and effects makes them even more unique, creating a lasting impression on anyone who receives them.

With these features combined, logo magnets become powerful promotional tools that you can use to ensure your message sticks with potential clients or partners!

Reciprocity principle 

The reciprocity principle is an essential concept in marketing. It states that we feel obliged to return a favour. The initial favour can take many shapes, from a ride to the airport over a helping a friend to promotional freebies. Did anyone say magnets?

Handing our free logo magnets taps into this principle. Your attendees will see your magnets as a gift that creates positive associations. It holds a beautiful balance between being affordable for you and representing something of value for others. This sweet spot is what makes magnets a game-changer.

Endorsement energy 

Endorsement energy is the power of leveraging customer loyalty to promote your brand. It’s a way of turning customers into ambassadors for your business by giving them something tangible that they can use to spread the word about you.

Customised with your logo, these magnets will spread the word about your brand by sticking on fridges, filing cabinets, and other surfaces in homes and offices. It's a powerful tool that creates an ongoing reminder of your brand. Logo magnets are an ideal tool for this, as they are affordable and easy to distribute yet still represent something valuable for recipients.

So, if you're looking for a practical handout for your next event that will leave a lasting impression, logo magnets are the perfect choice! They are unique and customisable and affordable – so why not use them to make your next gathering unforgettable? Contact us today to find out more about personalising logo magnets.

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