How to Preserve Stickers On A Laptop

Are you looking for a way to make your laptop stand out from the crowd? An easy and cost-effective way to do this is by adding stickers to your laptop! But after some time, those same stickers can start to look faded and worn. Don't worry; there are ways to keep them looking just like new!

In this article, we'll provide tips on preserving laptop stickers so they stay vibrant and colourful for longer. We'll cover topics such as choosing the right type of sticker material and cleaning that will help extend the life of your laptop's decorations. So if you're ready to learn how to take care of your favourite decals, read on!

1. Choose waterproof and scratch-resistant stickers

Are you wondering how to design laptop stickers that last? It's all in the material! Then don't settle for just any old material. Go for the gold standard: waterproof and scratch-resistant stickers!

These nifty decals are built to withstand anything life can throw at them, from spilt coffee to bumps and scrapes while on the go. Not only will they keep your laptop looking fresh and vibrant, but they also offer top-notch protection for your precious device.

So why settle for less when you can stick with the best? Choose waterproof and scratch-resistant stickers for a laptop look that lasts such as:

  • White vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Holographic vinyl
  • Glitter vinyl
  • Gold vinyl
  • Silver vinyl
Die-cut mirror-silver label with fox logo design applied to a silver laptop

2. Use a laptop case when your laptop is in your backpack

When travelling with your laptop, keeping it safe and secure is essential. Investing in a stylish yet functional laptop case can help protect the device and the stickers adorning its exterior. Remember, what protects your laptop will also protect your stickers.

It'll provide extra cushioning against any knocks or bumps and guard against rain or dust. This way, you can be sure that your laptop and its decorations will remain in tip-top shape no matter where your next adventure takes you!

3. Use cleaning methods compatible with your stickers

Cleaning your laptop is vital to preserving its stickers. After all, dirt and grime can build up over time, causing the colours to fade and stickiness to decrease.

To prevent this from happening, use a microfibre cloth and rubbing alcohol such as Isopropanol. Spray a little bit directly onto your stickers and rub them clean and dry with your cloth.

Be careful around outlets when doing this as you do not want any liquid entering your laptop. And please do not use soapy water to refresh your laptop stickers.

4. Rearrange them as little as possible

Rearranging your laptop stickers too much can impact their adhesive strength and lead to peeling and curling.

Your laptop stickers come with a pressure-sensitive, medium-strength adhesive. That means that your stickers' adhesive is activated by pressure. Once you press down onto them, they start sticking.

Every time you remove them, glue particles are lost. So when you re-attach them, they have less power, meaning that they will not stick as firmly as the first time around.

If you can, choose a position for your laptop stickers and stick with it. This way, your laptop will stay vibrant and eye-catching for years!

By following the above tips, you can be sure that your laptop stickers will remain in perfect condition for many years to come.

From choosing waterproof and scratch-resistant stickers to using cleaning methods compatible with your decals, there are plenty of ways to preserve them and ensure they stay as vibrant and colourful as the day you got them! So go ahead and spruce up that laptop – remember to take good care of your stickers too!

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