How to Make Your Own Glitter Stickers For A Planner

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to add some personality and organisation to your life? Decorating your planner with glitter stickers is the perfect solution!

Glitter adds just the right amount of sparkle and glamour while helping you stay organised. Plus, making them yourself means you can customise them however you like. Here’s how to make your own glitter stickers for planners in four easy steps.

Find designs you love

When it comes to finding designs for your glitter stickers, the possibilities are endless! You can browse online for inspiration or get creative and make your own designs from scratch.

Some of our favourite sources for free design elements are:

For pre-made templates, fonts and icons, Canva and Graphic are your safest bets.

You can also experiment with different colours and shapes to make your glitter stickers stand out even more. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and create designs that truly reflect your personality and style. Who knows, you might discover a hidden talent for graphic design in the process!

Source a glitter background

Once you’ve decided on your designs, it’s time to source the perfect glitter background.

This background will not be printed. It is an optional step that simply functions as a visual aid to help you imagine what your design will look like.

You can add this background to your design as a clipping mask.

  1. Open your design in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Add the glitter image via "Choose file" > "Place" and choose your image.
  3. Embed the glitter image via "Embed" while the image is still selected.
  4. Cut the glitter image and paste it to your dashboard ("Control + X" or "Command + X"). Double-click on your chosen area and click "Object" > "Compound path" > "Release".
  5. The glitter background appears. Position it over the area and send it back via "Object" > "Arrange" > "Send to Back"
  6. Select the area you want to sparkle. Click "Object" > "Compound Path" > "Make". Now the image is hidden in a clipping mask.
  7. Go to "Object" > "Clipping Mask" > "Make" and your glitter background is locked into your design!

Add a custom cutline

Before cutting out your glitter stickers, you can add a custom cutline.

A cutline indicates the edge of your stickers. Professional cutting machines use it to create any custom shape. It can be helpful for you if you are using a Cricut or are cutting your stickers with scissors.

This step-by-step tutorial explains how you can create your own custom cutline.

Sheet or stickers?

Now it’s time to decide whether you want to turn your glitter design into individual stickers or keep it as one sheet.

Individual stickers are great for handing out or selling one. They are also perfect for standard shapes.

Sticker sheets, on the other hand, make it easier to store your designs. Depending on how intricate your designs are, a sheet can also make them faster to peel. If you are cutting your stickers yourself, cutting sheets can be a bit challenging as you are only to cut through the material layer, not the backing paper.

Make your own glitter stickers

If you want to make your own glitter stickers for your planner, this section is for you. After you have created your design, it is time to get hands-on.

1. Print out your design on your glitter material of choice

Printing out your design on glitter material is the first step to creating your own custom stickers. You can choose from various materials, including vinyl, foil and cardstock in a range of finishes such as holographic, metallic or matte. The possibilities are endless! We recommend choosing a material that is waterproof and already has an adhesive back.

2. Laminate your stickers (optional)

Adding a layer of laminate to your glitter stickers is an optional step that can give them extra durability and shine. Lamination also helps protect your stickers from dirt, water, and UV light, so they'll last longer. It's vital if you're using a material like vinyl or cardstock, which may not be waterproof on its own. The lamination process is simple - all you need to do is apply the laminating film over the sticker design and use heat to seal it. You'll have a glossy finish that will make your glitter stickers look even more vibrant!

3. Cut your stickers into shape

Once you have printed and laminated your stickers, it's time to cut them out. Cutting the shapes of your glitter stickers can be done with a die-cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette. If you don't have access to these machines, you can also use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the shapes on your own.

4. Make them stick

Finally, it's time to make those glitter stickers stick! Simply peel off the backing paper and press your sticker onto your chosen surface to do this. If your chosen material is not self-adhesive, you can use a glue stick or double-sided tape to attach them to any surface of your choice – from planners to walls and notebooks. You can also use glitter glue for a more 3D effect, or seal your stickers with clear contact paper to make them waterproof and tear-proof.

Trust a professional

If you don’t feel confident enough to make your glitter stickers, trusting a professional to do the job for you might be worth considering. Many companies specialise in custom sticker design and printing, so you can be sure that your stickers will look perfect. Plus, they’ll last longer, too – giving you years of enjoyment from your glittery creations!

1. Find a sticker printing company that offers glitter materials

Sticker printing companies are not hard to find. But you need to look for a great printing company that offers glitter materials, which can be challenging. (Pssst, we've got some!)

Ask for a glitter material sample if you are unsure or want to compare several options. It is the best way to familiarise yourself with your options.

2. Enter your size

Once you’ve chosen a company, head to their glitter stickers product page. There, you will be asked to enter your sticker size. Simply type it in. This usually generates an immediate quote for you so you can see which number of stickers has the best price.

3. Choose your shape

Once you’ve chosen the size and material of your stickers, it’s time to decide on their shape. You can opt for traditional circles, squares, or rectangles or something more creative. Many companies offer custom die-cutting services, so you can create stickers in any shape.

4. Upload your artwork

The final step is to upload your artwork and confirm your order with the printing company. They will then print out your glitter stickers and ship them to you, ready for use. Once they’re in your hands, all that’s left is to get creative and make something special!

Adding glitter stickers to your planner can help you stay organised and inject some sparkle into your life. Whether you decide to make them yourself or have a professional do it for you, the final result will be something you’ll love for years! So why not give it a go today and unleash your inner artist?

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