How much do custom magnets cost?

The cost of custom magnets can vary depending on the material, size and quantity. However, we can break down the standard cost of one of our most popular magnets for you.

Let's say you want to order 5x5cm die cut magnets printed on white vinyl. All you have to do is head to that product page and enter your magnet size in the pricing calculator. This will generate an instant quote and offer some standard quantity options with pricing. In this case, the pricing would be as follows:

50 - £49 (or 98p per magnet)

100 - £62 (or 62p per magnet)

200 - £81 (or 41p per magnet)

500 - £129 (or 26p per magnet)

1,000 - £218 (or 22p per magnet)

2,000 - £341 (or 17p per magnet)

5,000 - £653 (or 13p per magnet)

Don't see the quantity that you want? Simply select the custom quantity option and enter the amount you need. Your pricing will pop up next to it.

Screenshot showing how much custom magnets cost

Factors that determine the cost of custom magnets 

Custom products rarely have set pricing, and custom magnets are no exception. The factors that determine the overall cost of your magnets are:

  • The material
  • The size
  • The quantity

The cost of custom magnets takes into account how much material is used. The more expensive your chosen material is and the more you use, the more expensive your magnets will be.

But there are also some factors that do not influence the price of your magnets, these include:

  • Your design
  • The number of colours used to print your design
  • The shape of your magnets

So you can let your creativity run free and include as many colours and unique shapes as you like. And we might just have some tips on how to save money when ordering custom mangets.

How to save money when ordering custom magnets

Of course there are some tips and tricks to save money when you order custom magnets online, let's tackle them:

Opt for a standard material

Opting for a standard material does not mean settling. In fact, our standard white vinyl is our bestseller. Why? It is durable, waterproof, glossy and the perfect blank canvas for creating vibrant colours and details. Doesn't sound like settling does it?

White vinyl is the perfect option if you are not quite sure how you want to use our magnets or if you are "just looking for a normal magnet".

Die cut magnet printed onto white vinyl with ssi logo

Make use of bulk discounts

The more magnets you order, the cheaper they become per unit. You can see that in the breakdown above. Ordering more magnets can cut the price of the individual magnet by over 80 % - now that's a word!

If you are ordering for a business, consider stocking up on your custom magnets today to save money tomorrow. You can even split orders into different designs (as long as they are printed on the same material at the same size) to get the most out of your order.

Explore sample options

Custom magnet samples can be a great option if you only want a few magnets. You can order up to 10 magnets printed with your custom design for only £9!

We also recommend placing a sample order before you commit to a bigger order. This allows you to test your design and ensure you will be 100% happy with the outcome.

Choose a rectangle or square shape

This tip will not lower the price, but it will give you more for your money. When you order a magnet, the material price will be calculated in m². Square and rectangle magnets lose little to no material when being cut. So ordering these shapes will give you the maximum amount of material.

Can I order custom magnets without a minimum quantity? 

While we cannot offer custom magnets without a minimum order quantity, we do offer a very small minimum.

Going back to our example, the minimum order quantity for 5x5cm magnets printed on white vinyl is two magnets. This is indicated in the pricing calculator, underneath "Choose your quantity".

Screenshot showing the minimum quantity of custom magnets at 4x4cm

Do not forget about our custom magnet samples if you are looking for a low quantity of magnets - they are often the cheapest option.

Custom magnets are an affordable and effective way to promote your business or message. With the right material, size, quantity and design you can create a unique magnet that will stand out from the crowd.

The cost of custom magnets varies depending on these factors but we have provided some useful tips to help keep costs low while still getting great quality results. If you're ready to get started with creating your own custom magnet then head over to our website today for more information and pricing details.

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