Custom Half-Inch Round Stickers

When we hear the term “half-inch round sticker,” it’s easy to visualise the small, blank stickers we put on items for a garage sale. Perhaps you think of the low-cost stickers used to price items at an antique shop. However, small, round stickers can be so much more.

Wholesale custom circle stickers, no matter the size, can be a game-changer for your business’s marketing strategy. They have evolved beyond the flimsy, plain sticker paper and are now available printed on high-quality materials with customisable options that are perfect for promoting limited-time offers and events.

You can customise circle stickers in several ways and use them to boost your business and projects. 

In this article, we will detail the best ways to optimise the use of small, circular stickers. We will also explore how you can make or order your own custom stickers, including custom one-inch round stickers.

What Can I Use Half-Inch Round Stickers For?

Half-inch round stickers have been popular with hobbyists and small business owners for decades. In a world of rapidly evolving technology, it’s no surprise that round stickers have upgraded to keep up. Sizing aside, stickers are a cost-effective way for brands to spread their messaging and retain customer loyalty.

Reaching New Audiences

Younger customers have proven to be very responsive to sticker advertising. Liberty University wrote that more and more university students decorate their water bottles, laptops, and phones with unique stickers and decals. The majority of these stickers are sourced from brands students support.

Brands such as Milk Makeup, Glossier, and Poler include stickers as a complimentary addition to their customer orders and sell them separately. The marketing director for Ouai, Hannah Beals, explained that customer engagement increased when they started including stickers in their orders. They noticed increased social media engagement directly related to customers wanting more stickers.

Because stickers are a statement, they are posted on social media and provide free advertising anytime they are placed on a frequently-used item, such as a water bottle or cellphone. That’s more eyes on your brand, and younger audiences searching your business.

Labels Galore

Half-inch round stickers are ideal for labelling small or boutique items. A circular label adds an element of intrigue to your design and makes it stand out against wraparound and rectangular labels. Half-inch stickers also work alongside other, larger stickers on packages. You can supplement your current labels with quick information that may only be relevant at specific times, such as, “Limited-Time Only!” or “Holiday Batch.” 

These labels can also include information about changes to the product without having to reorder and relabel existing products. Simply create a customised sticker with your message (e.g., “50% less sugar” or “24% Off”) and stick the new information onto your current labels.

We love these stickers for the treasures and products in small packages. Some examples include:

  • Perfume and essential oil bottles
  • Food packaging
  • Jewellery tags
  • Candles
  • And more

Where Can I Get Custom Stickers?

There are several ways you can obtain customised stickers. You can always purchase paper sticker sheets with the circles already cut, but manually creating messages is time-consuming and does not guarantee quality. Also, cheap circular sticker sheets are made with low-quality materials that can rub away or peel easily.

You can also digitally develop your designs on your computer, and print and cut them with your Cricut equipment. While you can make circle stickers on Cricut, this method is only ideal for small batches because the cutter does not consistently cut entirely through larger batches. This can often result in having to start over or sending the sheet back through the cutter.

Sticker it Has You Covered

The best option for busy professionals looking to boost their business with stickers is to work with a sticker company. Sticker it offers high-quality circle stickers in various sizes and materials, so your stickers can stand out against the rest. We also offer design tools, so you don’t need to outsource to a freelance graphic designer to have stickers that reflect your brand!

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