Can I See What My Stickers Will Look Like Before Ordering?

Not exactly, but we will send you a digital representation of what your custom stickers or labels will look like within 12 hours of placing your order. You can then approve it once you are 100% happy.

We do ask for payment when you place your order, but you can cancel your order easily at this stage, removing all risk.

Below, you will find an overview of our proofing options as well as a quick and easy way to cancel your order.

What is a digital design proof?

A design proof is a digital representation of what your final sticker or label will look like when printed.  Your proof will be sent to you within 12 working hours of ordering. It contains the material you want your order printed on, the shape you have selected, the sticker size you ordered and, of course, your custom artwork. You can find some examples below, but if you want to learn about them in more detail, have a look at our blog post "What is a design proof?"

For example, if you ordered die cut stickers on mirror silver, your design proof will look something like this:

Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added


The magenta line you see around the design indicates the cut line. It marks the edge of your stickers and will not be printed.

When you order labels on sheets, your design proof will look a little different:

Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added

The green line around each label shows the edge of your labels, whereas the magenta line indicates the edge of your sheet. Your labels will only be cut through the material layer. This means that they will stick to the sheet when they arrive, but each label will be peelable. None of the cut lines will be printed.

When to request a design proof

Unless specified differently by you, we will always send you a design proof. We recommend opting for design proofs every time you order a new design or make changes to an existing design.

They are simply a great tool for control and reassurance.

You can double-check if the changes you have requested have been actioned just as you imagined them. And you are in control of when your design is sent to print.

When you place your order, you will see the below selection in your cart.

Screenshot of checkout page requesting a design proof

Select "add proofing instructions" to leave any comments, instructions or questions for our design team. They will then send you your proof within 12 hours. You can also skip this wait and send your design straight to production.

When to skip proofing

You do not have to request a design proof. If you need your stickers and labels super quickly and are very confident in your artwork, you can send your design straight to print. Read or article of how to prepare your artwork for custom stickers and labels to find our more about creating the perfect design.

Please keep in mind that you can no longer cancel your order after your design is sent to print as production will have already begun.

While we generally recommend requesting a design proof, skipping your proof during the ordering process works best for reorders. Have you already ordered with us and loved your stickers or labels? Then you can simply reorder the exact same design and skip proofing as you can see here:

Screenshot of the checkout page skipping a design proof

You can find more detailed instructions on how to reorder right here.

What is instant proofing

The third option is instant proofing. It means that you can see your proof as you create your design. We currently offer that within our free design tool Graphic.

When you create a design within Graphic, you can enter the size and select the shape. Graphic will then generate an instant proof for you. It can look a little like this:

Screenshot of a template in Graphic to explain instant proofing

If you are happy with this, you can send your new design straight to print. However, if you would like to see a design proof just to be sure, you can, of course, do so.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. We understand that ordering a physical product online can feel a little uncertain. So if you want to cancel your order at any time during the proofing process, you can absolutely do so, without any questions asked.

You can contact us and simply request to cancel your order. Our customer service team will then refund the full amount paid to your original payment method.

Again, please remember that you cannot cancel your order after you have approved your design proofs. However, should there be anything wrong with the stickers or labels you receive, you can reach out to us (ideally with pictures of the issue), and our customer service team will help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. You can see our returns policy here.

Are you ready to order stickers and labels? Then check out our entire range.

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