Are Wall Decals Removable?

Wall decals are becoming an increasingly popular option to add a unique touch to living spaces. Decals are a great way to inject creativity into any room- that can be anything from an intricate wall design to something subtle that makes a room “pop.”

While many decals are designed to be permanent, it’s crucial you know how to remove wall decals, should you need to. 

What Are Wall Decals?

Similar to large custom vinyl stickers, wall decals are printed, individually cut pieces of vinyl with an adhesive back, strong enough to stick to walls. With custom wall stickers, you can create any design ranging from intricate designs to large murals covering an entire wall. The range of designs and colours available is almost infinite, and if you can't find a design that suits your taste, you can design your own.

Can Wall Decals Be Removed?

Most wall decals, especially modern ones, are removable. However, before you proceed with your wall decal project, we recommend researching and choosing the right one for you, especially if you’re planning to eventually remove the decal from the surface.

Type of Adhesive Used

The adhesive used to create a wall decal affects how easy the decal is to remove. Many wall decals use a medium tack adhesive that sticks to your wall without leaving any unwanted residue. Other decals use advanced adhesives that make them repositionable and reusable. Be sure to use either of these adhesives and not high-tack adhesives, which will be hard to remove and may leave residue or damage your wall during the removal process.

Size and Age of Decal

Larger decals will take more time to remove, but the age of the decal also plays a role. Decals which have been on the wall longer are typically more challenging to remove.

Type of Wall

Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces like glass, metal, and smooth walls. Wall decals for textured walls exist, but they must be carefully removed to avoid leaving residue.

Removal Techniques

You can seek the services of a professional if you are unsure about taking down a decal on your own. The tools you use should be high quality and non-abrasive in order to protect your walls and yourself.

How to Remove a Decal

Do vinyl stickers peel off easily compared to decals? There is no difference. Simply pass a hair dryer over the decal to warm it up before peeling it off. Remove it at an angle, using a plastic card or putty knife. If you have difficulty, you may need to use removal products or contact the manufacturer. 

In Summary

Wall decals are a fabulous, modern way to add a personal touch to your living space. They may not be forever,, so it’s essential you know how to choose your decal. Follow the tips in this article, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties!

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