What Is the Difference Between a Wall Sticker and a Wall Decal?

The trend for quality, imaginative, tasteful interior design has been on the rise in recent years. People’s homes are their sanctuaries, and more and more people are investigating new ways to enhance and decorate them. 

When it comes to walls, the options these days are plentiful. Outside of more traditional decoration in the way of wallpaper, pictures, and framed artwork, people are now considering wall decals and stickers. 

The terms ‘sticker’ and ‘decal’ are often used interchangeably, but it pays to know the difference between the two, which is in the different sizing of decals and stickers. The term ‘sticker’ is usually used for smaller sizes, whereas the term ‘decal’ is often used to refer to larger stickers which might fill an entire wall. You’ll likely hear the term ‘wall decal’ in this case.

What Are Wall Stickers and Wall Decals?

Wall stickers and wall decals are the perfect option for when you want a beautiful wall covering for a lower cost than painting an entire wall. Furthermore, they are a great choice if you want to bring some life to your walls instead of having traditional white or solid-coloured walls throughout your home. With modern printing technology and expert designers, we can bring your artistic visions to life and help you add an exciting modern touch to your home.

Wall stickers and decals are self-adhesive stickers that can be applied to any flat surface, including walls, windows, and furniture. They are made of a thin, flexible vinyl material that can vary in thickness according to the size and weight of the sticker. They are then cut into different shapes and sizes using a vinyl cutter. 

Wall stickers and decals can be customised according to your preferences. You can experiment with different colours, designs, and text. Some people opt for simple designs to create a subtle backdrop, while in other cases, stickers and decals are used to make a bold statement on a wall with colourful, artistic designs, turning a standard wall into a stand-out focal point. If you want to bring a touch of nature into your home, you can choose decals with natural colours that depict mountain, beach, or forest scenes. The possibilities are endless!

How Are Stickers And Wall Decals Applied?

Wall stickers and decals are usually easy to apply, as they do not require any water or special tools. For most size stickers or decals, it’s simply a matter of peeling the backing paper from the sticker, applying it to the desired surface, and pressing across the surface, squeezing out any air bubbles in the process. Wall stickers come with various adhesive strengths, so if you change your home and sticker placement ideas frequently, they are the perfect option. Larger stickers or decals should be carefully removed to not leave any residue on the walls.

In Conclusion

Decals and stickers are design solutions that can bring character to the walls of any home, no matter your taste, style, or aesthetic. Stickers can be designed and cut into different shapes and sizes to add beauty and flair to interior walls; larger stickers can take up more wall space and create more of a statement–these are often referred to as ‘decals.’

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