Uses for Campaign Buttons

Campaign buttons are a great way to spread the word and get people involved with your cause. When used right, these custom-made buttons can make a huge difference in how successful your campaign is.

From promotional materials to freebies handed out at events - there are countless uses for campaign buttons to ensure maximum exposure for your cause. So if you're looking for an effective way to promote and engage more supporters, it's time to start making some buttons!

Direct mail campaigns

Custom campaign buttons are a great way to involve prospects in your cause. They provide a tangible connection that allows people to become part of your campaign and can be used as part of a direct mail initiative to make it more effective. By including buttons with promotional materials or even offering them for free, you can create an engaging experience for potential supporters that will leave them wanting more.


Custom buttons can be the perfect solution if you're looking for a unique way to raise funds for your cause. They make great items to sell at events or even online. Not only do they provide a fun way to engage supporters, but they also serve as tangible reminders of your organisation or cause and are sure to draw attention from everyone who sees them. Plus, they’re inexpensive to produce, so you can keep the costs low and maximize your profit potential.


When running a campaign or holding an event, people must know who's in charge of what. Campaign buttons make great identification badges for volunteers who need to be easily recognisable to answer questions or direct people to where they need to go. Plus, giving volunteers a button with your logo can make them feel like part of the team and more likely to be enthusiastic about their role in helping your cause.


Using custom campaign buttons as freebies is a great way to get people involved in your cause. By handing out these promotional items at events or even in the mail, you can give potential supporters something tangible that they can keep and remember your organisation by. It also activates the rule of reciprocity - when we receive something for free, we feel an obligation to return the favour. This means that giving away custom-made buttons could be just what’s needed to turn casual prospects into active supporters of your cause. You can learn more about this in our article on the psychology of campaign buttons.


Sometimes offering more than a freebie can be the key to persuading someone to get on board with your cause. Campaign buttons can be a great incentive to encourage people to take action and sign up for your organisation or campaign. Whether it’s in exchange for a donation, participation in an event, or simply signing a petition - giving away custom-made buttons can be an effective way to show appreciation and motivate people to get involved.

No matter how you use them, campaign buttons are a great way to get your message out there and engage more people in your cause. Whether for promotional purposes, fundraising, identification or even offering incentives - the uses for campaign buttons are endless! So don’t wait any longer - get creative and make some buttons!

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