The Best Kiss Cut Stickers We've Come Across in 2023

Kiss-cut stickers are often underestimated. Many people do not quite know how to reap the rewards of a well-made custom kiss cut sticker. Don’t be one of them!

In this blog post, we will share our top four kiss cut sticker designs and just why we love them so much.

Kiss cut stickers are not just second-class die cut stickers. Instead, they are a marketing powerhouse in their own right. Are you ready? Then let’s jump right in.

Adorable kiss cut freebies

I mean, how cute can it get? This little hamster starts us off high.

Other than die cut stickers, which are cut through both the sticker and the backing paper, kiss cut stickers are cut through the material layer only. This means that the hamster design is peelable, while the border around the sticker is left behind.

The pie collective are using their kiss cut stickers in a genius way. They include them with every order and have created a design too adorable not to use.

Instead of forcing their branding onto their customers, the design can simply be peeled and applied – and with a design that cool, word-of-mouth-advertising is a sure-fire thing.

Peeled white vinyl kiss cut sticker with hamster design applied to a cardboard food box

A cool holographic logo kiss cut sticker

Custom kiss cut stickers make the ideal logo sticker. We love this one because it is so different from the first one.

The holographic material used to create this kiss cut sticker gives it a sleek and modern look that prompts customers to use it on their devices.

The black ink works beautifully with the metallic material. To achieve that, we printed a layer of white ink in between the holographic vinyl and the black colour.

Holographic sticker kiss cut applied to a blue phone

Kiss cut stickers as promotional items

Did you know that you can use kiss cut stickers as promotional items? The Creamery uses these glitter stickers to encourage customers to revisit their shops by offering them 15% off when they show this sticker.

You can either include these stickers with every purchase or simply hand them out in high-traffic areas close to your shop.

Kiss cut stickers are perfect for this as you can still order stickers in custom shapes while benefiting from the additional border that allows you to include promotional information.

Kiss cut glitter stickers with ice cream logo

Clear kiss cut stickers to promote your business

Now, of course, we want customers to use our stickers. But we do not want to force them to.

Bodylab Gym, therefore, offers both the branded kiss cut stickers and a handy water bottle you can apply them to. Clear kiss cut stickers are just perfect for this as they work really well on see-through surfaces.

The kiss cut allows Bodylab Gym to leave a little thank you message for their loyal customers, too – perfect for a welcome package.

Clear kiss cut stickers some peeled and one applied to a clear water bottle

Are you ready for your own custom kiss cut stickers? Then simply head over to our kiss-cut sticker page to get started. We will print your stickers within four working days.

Maybe you need to know a bit more about your options before making a decision? Then our definitive guide for kiss cut stickers is just right for you.

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