The Best Custom Labels We Have Seen in 2023

We love custom labels. They can transform the appearance of a product, packaging or even a brand in minutes and give it a professional look that can boost sales!

Curious to find out more? Then sit back and enjoy our favourite custom label designs of 2023! These product labels are printed onto different label materials and use different designs, but they have two things in common: they look amazing and were made by us - your label printer of choice.

1. Mirror silver morning bliss

This is mirror silver at its best. The morning bliss label design uses the natural metallic finish of the silver label material and simply pairs it with black ink to create a sleek yet eye-catching product label.

The design also works beautifully with the black cold brew inside the flask. 10/10 from us!

Morning Bliss cold brew coffee with a custom mirror silver label applied to the glass container

2. Sparkly honey labels

One of the best uses of glitter vinyl labels we have seen. It shows how our printing process can play with the glitter effect to create the best possible outcome. When we print directly onto the glitter material, we can create a coloured glitter effect (the gold parts of the design).

If you want certain parts of your design to appear opaque or normal, we simply print white behind the colour. You can see this in the black and white bits of the design.

Rectangle glitter labels in different colours used as honey jar labels

3. Biodegradable paper packaging labels 

Paper labels and cardboard packaging are the perfect combination. The textures harmonise beautifully and create a coherent look for your brand. The natural, pastel colours used on these label stickers create a fitting look for this sustainable product.

Paper labels are also a great option if you are looking for custom address labels.

Fruits and Berries candle in custom packaging with a biodegradable paper label

4. Premium metallic labels 

Metallic label material screams luxury and high quality. These holographic labels with rounded corners transform a standard cardboard box into a premium product experience.

See how the material catches the light and creates a rainbow-like effect? This is what makes holographic labels special and truly eye-catching.

Custom Veronica West holographic label applied to a packaging box

5. Eco-friendly product labels

These are not ordinary clear labels. In fact, these logo labels are printed onto our eco-friendly clear material. These are just as transparent and durable as a standard clear vinyl, but they decompose within 12 weeks.

This is why we recommend these for purposes like the below sandwich wrapper. Not only do they fulfil a purpose (keeping your sandwich wrapped), but they can simply be binned with the packaging!

Custom Baker Bros Deli clear label applied to food packaging

Ready to print labels? 

Are you ready to print your own sticker labels? We hope so. You can browse our range of custom labels. If you are still looking for design inspiration, why not head over to Graphic? There, you can create labels in minutes by browsing our pre-made templates.

Once you are ready, we will get started. Thanks to the world's best digital printing technology, we offer the highest print quality and quick lead times. Sneak a peak behind the scenes of how custom labels are made right here.

Do you want to find out a bit more about all things custom label printing before placing an order? Then have a look at our blog.

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