Logo Stickers for Business: A Complete Guide

Stickers with logos create a lasting impression. They happen to be the first and most important step towards brand building—especially for small businesses. They are also an effective and affordable way to reach a broader audience.

Let’s check out the benefits of logo stickers, how to make your own logo stickers, and the best ways to distribute them.

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Who Can Use Logo Stickers?

Technically, any business that wants to promote its brand and create a buzz around its products or services should use logo stickers. They are a particularly useful tool for businesses with a limited marketing budget.

Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from using logo stickers:

  • Restaurants and cafes: Takeout containers and cups are perfect for stickers to leave a lasting impression on customers and to encourage them to return.
  • Retail stores: They can use stickers on shopping bags and product packaging. These will help stores promote their brand and create a memorable shopping experience.
  • Event organisers: Stickers can be used to promote events and spark excitement among attendees.
  • Startups and small businesses: Creating brand awareness and building a loyal customer base can be accomplished by putting stickers on products, marketing materials, and merchandise.

Key Benefits of Sticker Marketing

Logo stickers are a part of sticker marketing. Here are some key benefits of sticker marketing:

  • Low printing costs: On average, the cost of producing 500 custom logo stickers ranges between $50 and $150, while 1,000 stickers can cost $100 to $250. This range includes designing and printing, which makes sticker marketing more affordable than most other marketing efforts. For instance, running a thirty-second television commercial will cost anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars. If you run an online ad campaign, it’ll cost a few hundred dollars.
  • Lasting brand awareness: Logo stickers can help you create lasting brand awareness because they keep reminding customers of your business whenever they use your product. 
  • Word-of-mouth marketing: When customers receive logo stickers, they’re more likely to share them with others, spreading the word about your brand and products.
  • Versatile: Logo stickers can be used in various ways, from packaging to promotional materials. They’re versatile marketing tools that can be customised to fit any business.

How to Make Logo Labels for Small Businesses?

It's easy to produce logo stickers for your business. Just follow these five steps:

  1. Get creative and design it: The first step in creating logo stickers is to design them. You can hire a professional graphic designer or use design tools like Canva to create designs. Make sure your logo is clear, readable, and visually appealing.
  2. Select the size and shape: The size and shape of your stickers will depend on your business needs. Consider where you plan to use your stickers and choose a size and shape that fits the items you plan to put them on.
  3. Choose the material: There are various sticker materials available, such as paper, vinyl, and polyester. Choose a material that’s durable, is designed for your intended use, and fits your budget.
  4. Print away: After you design your stickers, you can print them using a printing service or a sticker-making machine. If you are printing a large number of stickers, it may be more cost-effective to use a professional printing service like Sticker It. They not only offer a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes but also produce and ship your stickers 4 days after your approval.
  5. Cut the shapes: After printing, you will need to cut your stickers to the desired shape and size. You can use a cutting machine or scissors to do this.

How to Distribute Logo Stickers

Now that you know how to make logo stickers for business, let's check out how you can distribute them to make the best of your investment:

  • In-store giveaways: Hand logo stickers to customers who visit your store. This is an effective way to build customer loyalty and promote your brand.
  • Event promotions: If you are hosting or participating in an event, use logo stickers to promote your brand and create excitement among attendees.
  • Online promotions: Use social media platforms and your website to promote your logo stickers and offer them as free gifts with purchases.
  • Packaging: Sticker your logo stickers on product packaging to promote your brand and create a memorable shopping experience.
  • Street Marketing: Make stickers part of a street-marketing campaign to create buzz around your brand and products. You can place stickers on street signs, utility poles, and other public areas to reach a wider audience.

Professional Stickers for You

Stickers are not just for kids. They are an effective, low-cost way for businesses to build brand awareness about their product offerings and grow their businesses!

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