How to Personalise Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a fun way to liven up your kitchen, but who wants a generic, boring magnet when you can personalise them to fit your style, decor or character?

With custom fridge magnets, you can do just that and create a magnet that truly stands out - perfect for decorating or gifting.

But how can you personalise fridge magnets? The possibilities are endless; we will talk you through your options in this article.

Create a unique design 

Adding your own unique design to your fridge magnets is the perfect way to make them stand out! If you have graphic design experience, this will be super easy for you.

But even if you have never created a design before, you can let your creativity run free with online programs like Canva or Graphic. These platforms are free and filled with pre-made templates and design elements you can edit or drag and drop to craft your very own design in minutes.

This works well for business owners as well as private individuals. You can use these programs to create anything from logos over wedding announcements to birthday wishes.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out the coolest fridge magnet designs.

Or use a personal photo

Using your own photos is a great way to make your own fridge magnets extra special. Whether it’s a family portrait, an image of your pet, or just an Instagram shot you like – turn it into something tangible and unique that you can stick on your fridge! You only need a high-resolution image to get started.

When working with images, we often talk about resolution and pixels. Photos, also referred to as bitmaps, are made up of thousands of little dots, so-called pixels. The more dots there are per inch, the higher the resolution of your image will be - the easier it is to scale without blurring. Aiming for a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) is an excellent rule of thumb to ensure your image will print nicely and to make photo fridge magnets that stand out.

Opt for a custom shape

If you want to make your fridge magnets even more special, why not opt for a custom shape? When you order fridge magnets online, you can get traditional shapes like circle, square, rectangular and more, but you can also opt for a die-cut shape.

Die cut means custom-shaped. The term goes back to the traditional way of die-cutting, during which massive custom dies where used to cut custom shapes. These days, we have updated to digital cutters, but the name stuck.

Die cut magnets allow you to create a shape that hugs or elevates your design. You can simply leave a note describing your desired shape for our designers to act.

Select an effect material

Did you know that your fridge magnets consist of two parts? The first is the printed vinyl and the second layer is the actual magnetic sheet.

The magnet is a permanent, flexible magnet - nothing much to change here. But you can determine the overall look of you magnet by choosing an effect vinyl. We offer four different effects: holographic, glitter, silver and gold. Each option is waterproof, scratch-resistant and truly stunning. They’re sure to catch the eye and stand out on your fridge in all their glory. With so many options available, finding something that suits your style is easy.

So don’t be afraid to get creative – personalising fridge magnets is a great way to make them unique and show off your personality! With the right design, materials and supplier, you can create something truly special that adds flair to any kitchen. So what are you waiting for?

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