How Logo Stickers Can Boost Your Branding in 2023

Seems like we’re branding everything these days. Branding has become a buzzword that will continue its triumph in 2023.

But, hand on heart, what does branding even mean? Is it logo stickers and business cards? Do you have to be part of a multi-million-pound business for that to work? Can a small business even compete with the big brands?

We are here to help you not only navigate but smash your branding in 2023. In this article, you will find everything there is to know about branding, logo stickers, and how to make them work for your business.

Oval glitter sticker with red ATA logo applied to a silver laptop

What is branding?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s unravel what branding means.

Hubspot offers a simple definition: It is the process of creating an identity for a business. We come to know this identity as a “brand”.

A consistent brand is the strongest marketing force. The American Marketing Association defines it as a means of distinction. It helps consumers to differentiate between the various sellers of a similar product.

Think about it. We do not simply buy a cola. We buy Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Each brand has an image in our minds. Our decision depends on which image we prefer.

This is the power of a brand: the product can be similar, but the brand (the values, emotions, and features we associate with a business) cannot be copied.

Now, as you can imagine, these associations do not simply pop into our minds. They are forged by the process of branding. Branding encompasses an entire network of associations. It encourages us to connect to a business and buy into the experience they promise.

We have all been there. We choose one brand name over the other because it feels like the better option. This feeling is engineered by a host of strategies that link a product to an experience.

How can logo stickers help?

By now, it has probably become obvious: branding is more than sticking a company logo on a product.

Yet, logo stickers can aid in visually representing your brand. They can become a symbol that triggers the values and beliefs associated with your business.

Adding logo stickers does not create your brand. It points to your brand. It is, as Brandfolder describes, a visual shortcut.

The essence of a logo is that it has to be a shortcut to something. If there are no values to point to, then there are limits to the power of logo stickers.

This is why you should not skip branding. It is an essential step if you want to forge a connection between your customers and your business.

What makes a good logo sticker?

Harvest this power by creating an easily recognisable design that you can use consistently.

A logo’s main purpose is to help consumers identify your brand quickly. This is easiest when you stick to simple shapes and minimal text. Think of the Coca-Cola red, Starbucks green, or even the Apple logo.

You have probably seen the evolution of the Apple logo before. See, how it quickly transformed from a complex illustration to the simple shape we know today?

The evolution of the apple logo


Among the reasons for this are recognisability and feasibility. The apple is perceived much quicker. It is also an easier shape to imprint on all their products. Even the colour change shows the brand development.

From a simple black, it transitioned to metallic colours to signify technological advancement.Nowadays, all Apple needs is the simple outline of the logo to communicate modernity and sleekness.

And the best thing? We can easily recreate such a shape with a die cut sticker.

The best uses of logo stickers

Logo stickers can become an essential part of your branding. Find out how you can use them to elevate your product experience, enrich your business’s story and reach new customers.

Are you ready to find out more? Then let’s go.

1. Create a mesmerising product experience

Did you know that 72% of consumers agree that the look of a product’s packaging influences their purchase decision? These are the findings of a 2018 survey by Ipsos on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board.

You can convert this huge number of people by showing your product packaging some TLC. And it does not have to be complicated or expensive. All you need is a paper label or vinyl label.

Think of the steps consumers take in their purchasing journey. They find your products either online or in a shop. If they make a purchase, the product is packaged in bags, shipping boxes or envelopes.

Each step is a chance for you to create an experience that is in line with your brand.

The same study shows that paper and cardboard packaging speak for a premium, high-quality product. Use these as your foundation and build on them with your logo stickers. Why not give biodegradable paper stickers a try?

Turn each step of the customer journey into a brand experience that symbolises premium quality and attention to detail. If you want to learn more about this, read this blog post on “Why use stickers to promote your brand

Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap

2. Customise your stickers to match your brand

Now that you have created a high-quality base, it is time to think about what brand-specific features you want to highlight. What does your business stand for?

Identify the most important pillars and find a sticker material that matches. Get your stickers personalised in minutes. The beauty of using  custom stickers is that you cannot only get any design printed but select your ideal material, too.

But what does that mean exactly? Let’s look at some examples.

  • Premium brands: Do you sell soy candles or a hand-distilled gin? Then craft an equally luxurious experience for your customers. Our effect materials are perfect for this. They can elevate simplistic packaging into an eye-catching must-have.
  • Tech-based products and services: Your brand is probably all about speed, technical know-how, and accuracy. You can represent this precision in your branding with a silver or clear material.
  • Sustainable businesses: Share your values with your customers by investing in sustainable materials. Include this information front and centre on your products. With our sustainable sticker range, you do not have to skimp on quality or choice.

3. Generate visibility for your business

One of the best things about custom logo stickers is that they are versatile. You can use them on your product, for your packaging, and on your shipping boxes.

But there is even more. Are you ready to elevate your branding and increase your visibility with one simple tip?

Add free logo stickers with every purchase. Hand out free stickers at events. Take your stickers with you wherever you go.

If you think this sounds too simple, let us give you an example. You have probably heard of the internet platform Reddit. Since 2005, its founders have only spent around £350 on advertising. Now the company is valued at $3 billion.

What did they spend their money on? Logo stickers. Co-founder Alexis Ohanian calls this “the soundest investment [he has] ever made”. No matter where the three founders went, the Reddit logo stickers went with them; spreading the word, reaching new consumers, leaving them wanting more.

You can use the power of logo stickers in the exact same way. Stay consistent and spread the message with amazing custom stickers.

Clear kiss cut stickers some peeled and one applied to a clear water bottle

What a whirlwind, right? Let’s break down all the good stuff we have just learned about logo stickers:

  • Branding is the process of giving a business an identity.
  • Branding relies on the values, beliefs, and emotions associated with a business.
  • Logo stickers are not synonymous with branding.
  • Logo stickers make brands recognisable and can trigger associated values
  • A good logo sticker is simple and easy to spot.
  • Use your logo stickers to: 1. Elevate your product packaging, 2. Speak for your brand, 3. Increase brand visibility

Are you ready to give logo stickers a try and transform your branding? We are excited to see what you will create this year.

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