Can You Make Money Selling Custom Stickers?

Selling custom stickers, if done correctly, can be very profitable. There are people in a range of industries that are screaming out for somebody with talent and creative flair to provide them with the stickers they need for their businesses. If you are passionate about it—and have the talent for creating innovative designs and providing labelling solutions for businesses—selling custom stickers could be perfect for you. Clients can buy stickers online and face to face, depending on their needs.

Setting up a business selling custom stickers can certainly be achieved, but it pays to go about it in the smartest way possible and know what is involved. In this post, we aim to provide you with advice on selling custom stickers in the most effective way possible to ensure you’re successful.

Die cut mirror silver sticker with fox logo applied to a laptop

Creating Your Design

Your design is what is going to make you stand out as a seller of custom stickers. You have the choice to stick to one design or create several different designs, depending on the clients you are aiming to attract and the businesses they are in. It is likely that you’ll need to offer variety, but during the early stages of your venture into this industry, you might have a very specific design or style that sets you apart from the competition.

These days, design techniques are extremely advanced, so you’ll have many options for designing your stickers—from traditional art and illustration to more modern techniques like digital art or graphic design. You might even consider hiring a professional designer to work with you to create something unique. 

Marketing Your Stickers

Once you have some design ideas for your sticker, it's time to get it out into the world. You can start by setting up an online shop where customers can purchase your designs. This will require a website, a payment system, and a customer service platform to handle orders and inquiries. Setting up a shop on popular marketplaces like Etsy or Redbubble can also be helpful in getting exposure for your product.

You should also consider launching social media campaigns and advertising on other websites to drive more sales. Facebook and Instagram can also be very valuable platforms for getting your work seen.

Ensure Quality

Marketing and design are crucial, but your clients will also want to know your product is high quality. If your stickers are lower quality, you’ll simply not get repeating customers, which is crucial if you want your business to grow. Make sure you use high quality materials that will last and display your artwork or design beautifully each time they are sold. Make sure all orders are packaged carefully before being shipped. Customers will appreciate the extra care taken with their purchases.

Choose the Right Place to Sell Your Stickers

Where can you sell stickers? There are many places where you can sell your products, and many potential customers who might be interested in buying small custom stickers or other kinds of stickers you produce. 

Selling in online shops or over social media platforms is becoming more and more commonplace, owing to the ease with which purchases can be made and the fact that you can reach a global audience. Depending on your client base, you might also want to consider markets, fairs, and local shops. These spaces can be a great opportunity for face-to-face marketing and client relationship building.

Customer Service Matters

If customers have any concerns or issues with their purchase, these should be addressed immediately and professionally. Responding quickly to questions and comments will help build trust with customers and keep them loyal to you in the future. Additionally, offering discounts or promotions can encourage repeat purchases from existing customers while attracting new ones.

In Summary

Selling custom stickers can be an exciting way to earn money. With the right designs, an effective business plan, and hard work, you have every chance to be successful in this fun and creative field!

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