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As a business owner, one of your primary tasks is to build and maintain a successful and profitable company. One important aspect of this is maintaining a strong marketing strategy. While building a social media presence and advertising in magazines or on billboards are a few ways to go about it, have you ever considered using stickers?

Stickers are a wonderful way to market a brand and products—and for good reason! Not only are stickers a fun way to engage your customer base and spread brand awareness, but they are also incredibly cost-effective marketing tools.

Holographic kiss cut sticker with NYE rave space design

When using stickers as a marketing strategy, many people hesitate. They are concerned that they will not be able to create aesthetically pleasing designs. Perhaps they don’t know how to print their own stickers and worry they might not know where to sell stickers. Some business owners also share a mutual concern that printing a large number of stickers from a professional supplier will cost them a fortune. 

We are here to put your mind at ease. Incorporating stickers into your business’s strategy is much easier than you might think.

Amplify Your Business With Stickers

Working with a company like Sticker it will ensure that you get the highest-quality materials and stickers printed without leaving a hollow dent in your wallet. Just take a look at this post about how much printing 1,000 stickers will cost to see how it works. 

The team at Sticker It consists of expert designers who are able to handle any idea, concern, and design. Backed by over 9,000 reviews and over twelve million stickers printed for their customers, you can rest easy knowing your brand’s marketing stickers are in great hands.

That said, one question we get asked time and time again is for recommendations or ideas for business stickers. If you are contemplating jumping on the sticker wagon, you may not really know what ideas to pursue. 

Here are a few golden recommendations:

Logo Stickers

Have you ever handed out business cards at an event? How about a sticker instead? It might be of surprise to hear that many business owners and brands nowadays are choosing to hand out stickers with their company’s logo. 

Think about it. Handing out stickers with your logo is such a simple, yet unique way to market and promote your brand and can serve as a wonderful conversation starter. 

Product Stickers

Not every business will need a product sticker, but most do. Product stickers are simple, well-designed stickers made to be placed on your products. They display important information such as the name of the product, its ingredients (if applicable), and a short-and-sweet description of what it is. 

QR Code Stickers

Imagine how cool it would be if you handed out a sticker at your next networking event that only contained a QR code. The person on the receiving end would most likely be puzzled, but there is a very good chance they would be tempted to scan it anyway. That QR code could house your website, your social media platforms, and even a special discount code as a ‘Thank You’ for scanning. 

Water Bottle and Mug Stickers

If you are looking to create merchandise for your brand, consider designing custom mugs and water bottles or other containers. Instead of making things complex with intricate printed designs, opt for a mug or water bottle sticker.

These stickers are made to be placed on high-usage objects and are waterproof so they can go through the dishwasher. How’s that for a cost-efficient merchandise idea that everyone can use?

Let Sticker it Bring Your Ideas to Life

With an intuitive user interface and an expert team only a few clicks away, Sticker it is ready to help take your design from the idea phase to reality. Give us a call or check out our website to see how we can help you!

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