7 of the best die cut stickers and how they're printed

Custom die cut stickers are our most popular product – and we know just why. These custom shaped stickers allow you to create stunningly eye-catching designs that will make your stickers truly unique.

Are you looking for inspiration? Then this article is just for you. Lean back and browse seven of the best custom die cut stickers we know of.

Holographic materials brings your artwork to life

Let’s start off with a bang. This example shows how amazing your custom die cut stickers can look.

We printed this design on our holographic vinyl. No white is printed behind the colour, which gives the entire sticker a metallic effect.

The bleed around the sticker design shows off the raw material, and we find that the iridescent look works brilliantly with the space theme of this design.

Die cut holographic sticker with pizza astronaut design hand held

Die cut, but make it sparkle

Custom stickers are available in a whole host of effects, so why not try a sparkly die cut sticker?

We love this one: glitter sticker just works incredibly well with the bee logo.

See how the white parts of the design do not sport the glitter effect? That’s the magic of printing white ink.

When you order your die-cut stickers, the die cut lines will be indicated on your digital proof, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Three die cut glitter stickers applied to different honey jars on a wooden board

Making die cuts works as laptop stickers

This die cut sticker was printed on our most popular white vinyl material.

White vinyl is incredibly versatile: not only does it give you a beautiful white canvas to create vibrant colours, but it is also perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The “don’t panic” design is super simple and kept in black and white, but the custom shape sticker adds visual interest and makes it an eye-catcher.

Die cut white vinyl sticker with don't panic design applied to a black laptop

Brand it with biodegradable paper

Did you know that you can get our biodegradable material in a custom shape?

The paper example below perfectly shows how the biodegradable material gives your packaging an artisan look.

Just like white vinyl, our biodegradable paper gives you a crisp white base to create stunning colours and incredible details.

Die cut biodegradable paper sticker applied to a brown cardboard box

Oh so shiny, ziggy-star-dust cat

The combination of the metallic tongue and scarf with the white ink used on the face of the cat makes this really pop.

This design works so well as a die-cut sticker because it's perfectly cut in the shape with the black outline. We love everything about it.

Die cut eco-friendly silver sticker with ziggy stardust cat design

Go eco-friendly with custom die cuts

When it comes to custom die cut stickers, sky’s the limit. The eco-friendly white material used to create the Beanery logo shows the full, vibrant colours we can create.

The white parts of the design show off the material's colour, while the red gives this custom sticker its stand-out feature.

You can also see the die cut stickers do not have to be next-level intricate but can be used to create bold designs.

Die cut eco-friendly logo stickers among coffee beans

There's whiskey in the jar

Clear die cut stickers are the ideal option for branding beverages of all kinds.

We love this one because it shows off the golden brown colour of the whiskey while giving it a personal touch through the die-cut shape.

To create these opaque black elements, we first printed a layer of white onto the clear sticker material and then applied the black ink for a non-see-through look.

Clear die cut drinks label applied to a whiskey bottle next to a filled jar, orange peel, ice cubes and cards”>
<h2>Eye-catching shapes and colours</h2>
<p>This custom sticker had the exact shape of a vase with flowers – you can’t get more die cut than that, eh?</p>
<p>Even our eco-friendly clear sticker material gives you ultimate transparency. You can barely see the edge.</p>
<p>The black writing and vibrant colours were created with an additional layer of white ink, showing you how precise the application is, even for small text and intricate details.</p>
<img src=

What do you think?

Are you ready to create some equally stunning die cut stickers?

If you want some more information before making a decision, have a look at our article on how are die cut stickers made.

And, of course, if you have any questions, you can ask our experts.

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