101 Things You Can Apply Your Stickers And Labels To

You can apply your stickers and labels to pretty much anything.

If you are unsure, an excellent rule to follow is that the smoother and cleaner the surface, the better your adhesion will be. The best type of cleaner is an alcoholic based cleaner, for example, a glasses wipe or brake cleaner.

The most important decision to make is how sticky your adhesive needs to be. Your can learn about the different types of adhesive, and what they stick to.

But for now, let's have fun with this really, really long list.

1. Cosmetic jars 

Eco-friendly holographic label with retinol facial serum logo applied to a clear cosmetics bottle next to sticker sheets

2. Laptops 

3. Shop windows 

4. Table tops 

5. Vans and trucks

6. First aid supplies 

7. Gym equipment

8. Phones 

Round white vinyl sticker with go hack yourself design applied to a blue iPhone

9. Mugs 

10. Scooters

11. Spice containers 

12. LED bars on your TV or stereo

13. Drinks glasses 

14. Water bottles 

15. Cardboard boxes

Biodegradable paper sheet label with fruits and berries design applied to a cardboard tube next to additional sheet labels

16. Headphones

17. Wrapping paper 

18. Games console 

19. Candle jars 

Clear rounded corner sticker applied to a clear candle jar with a white candle next to white flowers in a vase

20. Bikes 

21. Karts 

22. iPads

23. Snowboards

24. Flasks 

25. Cookie boxes 

26. Honey jars 

Rectangle glitter labels in different colours used as honey jar labels

27. School supplies 

28. Makeup packaging 

29. Jam jars 

30. Bottles 

31. Punching bag 

32. Soap containers 

33. Car windows 

34. Workshop floor 

35. Coffee bags  

Rectangle mirror silver label used as a coffee label on a brown bag next to sticker sheets and coffee beans

36. Envelopes 

37. Motorbikes 

38. Toolboxes

39. Tissue paper 

40. Windscreens

41. Skateboards

42. Perfume bottles 

43. Metal tins 

44. Wheelie bins

45. Takeout boxes 

Rectangle biodegradable paper sample with take out logo applied to cardboard food boxes

46. Skis 

47. Thank you cards 

48. Pizza boxes 

49. Metal pallets 

50. Industrial equipment 

51. Machines 

52. To-go coffee cups 

53. Office walls 

54. Shop floor

55. Nursery walls 

56. AirPod case 

57. Stationary 

58. Desks 

59. Kids' clothing (name tags)

60. Office supplies

61. Food packaging 

Peeled white vinyl bakery label with hamster design applied to a cardboard food box

62. Diaries 

63. Lamp posts

64. Phone camera 

65. Display cases

66. Folders

67. Poetry albums 

68. Letterheads 

69. Usherette trays like these guys

70. Flyers

71. Tupperware and containers

72. Seasonal cards

73. Handouts 

74. Laptop camera 

75. Backpacks 

76. Business cards

77. Beauty products

Square holographic sticker applied to black soap box next to shaving tools

78. Lunch boxes 

79. Invitations 

80. Lockers

81. ID cards

82. Party favours

83. Soap boxes

84. Glass jars (for pantry/larder organisation)

85. Beverage packaging 

86. Gardening tools

87. MX bikes

Holographic circle sticker on the frame of a bike

88. Wifi router (to not forget the password)

89. Shop doors

90. Storage containers 

91. Presents (as gift tags)

92. Car bumpers 

93. Book covers

94. Seating arrangements

95. Greeting cards

96. Medication trays  

97. Laboratory equipment 

98. Plant pots 

99. School projects or assignments 

100. Notebooks 

101. Cars 

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