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Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers are a simple, elegant way to showcase your simple designs in either black or white. The only catch is that no part of your design be less than 2mm.

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Simply select your size & quantity, upload your design or photo and we will send you a design proof for confirmation. Simple.

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We ship your stickers within 5 days of confirmation anywhere in the world for free.

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Full Sticker Warranty

We will refund you 100% of your money if you are not totally happy with your stickers.

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Transform your design

Our custom transfer stickers are ideal for letting your creativity free – perfect for customising your surfboard with the freshest designs or giving glassware a personal touch. Proof your design with as many tweaks as you need, just keep in mind that no part of a transfer sticker can be thinner than 2mm.

We have designed transfer stickers to be easy to apply onto any clean, dry surface. Made from 3 layers of high-quality material, application is very simple. Once applied, peel the transfer tape away leaving just the vinyl to have a bold, clean design.


Can I see what my stickers will look like before ordering?

We will send you a design proof for you to approve when you order your stickers. We do ask for your payment information when you order but if you’re not happy with the designs we will continue to iterate until you are happy. If you still don’t like the designs we will refund your money, no hassle.

Can I put my stickers in the dishwasher?

Only some of our materials are suitable for the washing machine. You can put our clear, gloss material in the washing machine. Our chrome and fluorescent materials won’t last. If you apply these materials to glasses or plates, please hand wash with care.

What designs can be made as a transfer sticker?

As transfer stickers are cut from a single piece of vinyl, the design cannot be too intricate because the pieces become too small and end up moving. Transfer stickers are great for blocky, simple designs that you want to really stand out. Small lettering or intricate details are no good for transfer stickers. Try clear stickers (add a link to clear stickers page) instead.

How do I apply my transfer sticker?

Transfer stickers are cut from a single piece of durable vinyl material. We then remove the unwanted pieces of vinyl and apply a transfer tape to keep all the pieces in place. You peel the transfer paper away once applied.


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