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Fluorescent Stickers

Fluorescent stickers, also known as ‘day-glow’ stickers, are great for warning and hazard signs, but are also fantastic for creating impactful and memorable product branding.

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A beacon for your branding

Upload your design and choose which fluorescent colour you want to apply to your sticker. We’ll print it onto special materials so that your design shines bright. We’ll send you a design proof before printing, so you can see where the fluorescence will show. You can make as many tweaks as you need before finalising.


Can I put my stickers in the dishwasher?

Only some of our materials are suitable for the washing machine. You can put our clear, gloss material in the washing machine. Our chrome and fluorescent materials won’t last. If you apply these materials to glasses or plates, please hand wash with care.

How long will my order take to be shipped?

Because all of our products are custom we make everything to order. We will ship your stickers within 5 days. The shipping time will vary depending on your delivery address.

Will the fluorescent fade in the sun?

These stickers are the best quality fluorescent on the market and come with a protective UV covering to stop fading. All fluorescent stickers will fade, but these will last 3-5 years inside and 1-2 years outside.

What can I apply my stickers to?

Pretty much anything! But a good rule to follow is that the smoother and cleaner the surface the better your adhesion will be. The best type of cleaner is an alcoholic based cleaner.


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