We’re passionate about what we do

And we’re on the lookout for others who share our passion & values.

Our culture

A dream team

At the heart of a dream team are people who are passionate about what they do. Passion drives continual learning, excellence and ultimately, enjoyment.

We operate like a professional team, who is striving to do their best, most rewarding work.

Sometimes that is pushing to meet deadlines. Sometimes that is getting the coffee & cakes to help a team-mate and sometimes it’s sitting in a quiet corner, reading.

Tough love

Because we care about one another & believe in the purpose we are working for, we expect a lot from each other. This manifests itself as clear, honest feedback with no agendas (aka ‘tough love’).

It means doing what is best for each other, even if it’s tough.

It can be hard. But if we’re open, honest and ask for feedback it can be very rewarding and build some of the strongest relationships you’ll ever have.

Act like an owner

As we grow we don’t want to add ‘red tape’. We want to provide the context for each team member to make the right decisions.

A key principle for achieving this is to ‘make decisions for the good of the business’.

This means we treat money as if it’s our own. We also try to think about others’ perspectives.

To ensure our team has the necessary context, we share openly and widely and we trust each of our team members to act with integrity.

We believe extraordinary is possible

Most humble people don’t believe they are extraordinary.

But a positive, humble person, with a bright outlook & who thinks the future will be better, can achieve extraordinary results.

We believe that each and every one of us can achieve whatever they put their attention to given the right resources.

It’s our job to ensure each person has the correct resources to exceed.

We set ourselves high standards and aren’t content with accepting things the way they’ve always been done. We search for better.

We value people who deliver

Our customers only benefit from a new product once it’s launched. And they can only enjoy their stickers after they have them.

This is why we value the people who deliver. Because that is what helps our customers.

Not every project succeeds – that’s ok. We push hard. We try things. We fail.

We also succeed. And we understand that delivering results is so important because all the small wins we have are progress towards our goals.

Enjoy the journey

We celebrate our successes (& sometimes our failures).

Failing is good if we learn from it.

We love progress. It means we continually evolve, improve and discover new things. This makes life fun, and we enjoy the journey we’re going on together. Trying to work out how to create the finest custom products and deliver them to brands all over the world, faster than ever before.

Want to join our team?

If our purpose and story resonate with you, we’re looking for passionate, humble and hardworking people who share our desire to create beautiful products to join us.