What are laptop stickers?

Laptop stickers are by far one of the most popular uses of custom stickers. For good reason!

Putting stickers on your laptop is not only a great way to add some colour to a rather boring-looking surface, but it is also the perfect opportunity to show off the brands, TV shows, bands or cultural references you love.

In this article, you will not only find out what laptop stickers are, we will also cover the best materials, what size they should be and whether they can actually harm your laptop.

A laptop sticker is, as the name suggests, a sticker you can put on your laptop.

It sounds redundant, but it is actually as simple as that. A laptop sticker can be anything you want it to be. You can choose:

  • the material

  • the shape

  • the size

The best way to explain is to show you, so check out the carousel below.

Rectangular white vinyl sticker with developer design applied to a silver laptop
Circle glitter sticker with mental health design applied to a laptop
Die cut eco friendly sticker with a teddy storm trooper design applied to a silver laptop
Round clear sticker with Google Chrome design applied to a silver laptop
Mirror silver die cut sticker with fox logo applied to the back of a silver laptop
Die cut eco-friendly stickers with cat art design applied to a silver laptop

What are the best stickers for laptops?

Not any sticker can be a laptop sticker. Laptop stickers need to be durable enough to withstand bumps and the occasional spill of coffee or water. Yet, you do not want them to ruin your laptops (more on that in a bit).

That is why laptop stickers should always come with a medium-strength adhesive and a durable base. You can see a breakdown of each layer below:

Split view of a white vinyl sticker with each material layer numbered
  • 1st layer: glossy lamination to protect your design from scratches, water, chemicals and oils

  • 2nd layer: your design, printed with the world's best digital printer

  • 3rd layer: the material you chose

  • 4th layer: a permanent, medium-strength, pressure-sensitive adhesive

  • 5th layer: thick backing paper to make your stickers easy to peel

To make that super easy, you can find the best and most popular laptop materials on our stickers page. You can choose from different looks like white vinyl, clear, holographic, silver, gold and glitter to create just the effect you are after.

Can vinyl stickers go on laptops?

Yes, vinyl stickers are perfect for laptops. Vinyl materials are strong enough to resist scratches, bumps and water.

For the best possible result, you want to make sure that the vinyl used is thick enough and is laminated for extra protection and longevity.

You can test that by simply asking for a material sample from your supplier.

You can also find some tips on how to put stickers on your laptop here.

What is the best size for laptop stickers?

That depends on the area you want your stickers to cover.

If you want to create a laptop skin, it has to cover your entire laptop. Whereas if you want to sticker bomb your laptop or simply add a few cool stickers, you are more flexible when it comes to sizing.

We recommend any size between 5cms and 12cms at any aspect ratio. This ensures that you can fit plenty of stickers on your laptop and also guarantees that your amazing designs will be legible and the stars of the show.

The below graphic can help you understand how different sticker sizes look on a laptop.

A size comparison of different sticker designs compared to a laptop

You can find even more input on sticker and label sizes here.

Are laptop stickers unprofessional?

Absolutely not! Thousands of brands & individuals worldwide use stickers on their laptops or computers to show their personalities, promote their messages or brand, or become brand advocates.

Developers use laptop stickers to point others to their GitHub, while others showcase their slack IDs, brand loyalty or simply want to show off their taste in music.

If you are thinking about handing out or selling laptop stickers with your branding, do it! Some of the largest brands & fastest-growing startups use stickers to grow.

They're one of the lowest cost and easiest ways of growing brand presence amongst your hardcore customers and turning them into brand advocates.

Will stickers ruin my laptop?

No, not if you choose the right sticker for your laptop.

While the material is important, the adhesive used is essential in keeping your laptop in one piece when removing your stickers.

We have tested plenty of combinations to arrive at the correct adhesive that won't mark the plastic, metal or glass surfaces of your laptop.

You can learn about the different strengths of adhesives here.

Do you have to cover your laptop camera?

Honestly, we don't know. According to Tech Insider, you should.

If you want some cool stickers to cover your camera, we find 2cm circle stickers work perfectly.
And now it is time to upgrade your laptop with some custom stickers, right? If you need any help or have some questions, you can ask our experts anything right here.

Or, find out even more surprising facts about laptop stickers here.