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Welcome to the new Sticker it website

Today, Wednesday 9th September 2020, we launch a new website for Sticker it.

I wanted to write a short explanation as to why we are launching a new site, so you understand the reasoning and to see how it will benefit you.

Firstly, a little background.

Over 2 years ago, we launched v1 of our Sticker it site. We built it on Magento 2, which is a large, e-commerce platform, thinking this would allow us to grow & develop a world-class online experience. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the wrong decision. We found it unstable and time-consuming/costly to create new features. This is the primary reason for our slow improvements to the site, for which I apologise.

A few months ago, we decided to move away from Magento to BigCommerce. It’s proved to be a good decision. Our development process has sped up considerably, allowing us to iterate faster.

What does all of this mean for you (the benefits)?

The new site is a whole load better already & will get even more upgrades in the coming weeks & months, such as:

  • Faster loading times.

  • Better user experience.

  • New features, such as multiple file uploads (coming soon) and others.

  • More products.

  • Faster delivery times.

  • Better product information.

  • New ways to buy stickers (coming soon).

In summary, this change will allow us to support your needs better than ever and offer an improved experience when you order stickers online.

Our objective is to be the world’s best & easiest place to buy custom stickers. If you have any ideas for improvements, I’m always looking for feedback; please email me at



Co-founder @ Sticker it