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All That Glitters… The Best Ways to Use Glitter Stickers

Are you after a material that will make your design shimmer and sparkle? With glitter stickers, you are guaranteed to stand out and make your design a real eye-catcher.

We have collected our favourite ways to use glitter stickers and labels for your business, product launch or as decorations.

But before we jump in, let’s look at the anatomy of glitter stickers.

What is a glitter sticker?

Glitter stickers are made from a sparkly vinyl material. The vinyl base makes them waterproof and resistant to scratches and sunlight, meaning they can last up to one year outdoors.

Split view of an glitter sticker with each material layer numbered
  1. The first layer is a gloss laminate which protects your print and makes the stickers durable.

  2. Next is the custom printed layer. We use white ink behind your colours to remove the glitter effect so you can choose freely which elements of your design you would like to sparkle.

  3. The glitter vinyl forms the base of this sticker. We print directly onto the effect material for the best possible result.

  4. We use a medium-strength adhesive for most of our stickers which makes them perfect for thousands of applications as they will not leave any adhesive residue.

  5. Finally, we add a tick backing paper, giving your stickers a premium feel.

 Now, how can you make these shiny beauties work for you? Read on to find out!

Logo stickers

If you are getting your logo printed on stickers, we highly recommend investing in an extra set of glitter stickers. Even if you do not want to brand your product with a glitter material, these stickers are perfect giveaways.

Invest in die cut sticker printing to get your stickers cut in the shape of your design and include them with every purchase, send them to influencers or hand them out at events and exhibitions. The glitter design will not only stand out but will make sure that your existing and potential customers will remember your brand.

Circle glitter sticker with green Spotify logo applied to a laptop

Premium product labels

Glitter labels immediately elevate your product packaging and emphasise the premium position of your brand. The glitter material looks incredibly luxurious and makes even the breakfast tea label shown below appear like a special or limited edition.

Label printing also makes you stand out from your competitors. You do not have to go crazy with your logo. Keep it simple and minimalistic, but then choose an eye-catching material and watch your sales increase.

Glitter labels applied to black tea tins next to a white mug

Laptop stickers

We love laptop stickers! They are such a cool way to express your individuality and spice up a rather boring-looking device.

Glitter stickers are perfect to apply to your laptop, they can resist temperatures up to +80 degrees celsius and will catch everyone’s attention. If you are planning to stickerbomb your laptop, apply your glitter stickers last, this way they get the best spot.

Rectangular glitter sticker with ATV logo applied to a silver laptop

Cute sticker sheets

Who does not love a good sticker sheet? You can create your own aesthetic by uploading several designs as a .zip file and we will arrange them on a sheet for you.

The glitter effect works especially well with playful designs like the ones pictured below. They are perfect for numerous uses like scrapbooking or phone stickers and make a perfect addition to any gift!

Glitter labels on sheets in full colour on an iPad on a stone table

If you are not sure which metallic sticker is best for you, you can read more about the difference between holographic and glitter stickers here.

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