Sustainable Stickers and Labels: The Top 10 Questions Answered

Do you want to learn more about sustainable stickers and labels? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will answer your top 10 questions about our sustainable sticker range.

We will cover everything from which custom stickers are sustainable, vegan sticker options, how to dispose of sustainable stickers and much more. So buckle up and read on.

Eco friendly sticker with made for you design applied to the inside of an open cardboard box

Which stickers and labels are sustainable?

Our custom sticker and custom label material range include four sustainable options:

What are sustainable stickers made from?

Sustainable stickers and labels must be made from sustainably sourced materials. That means that the material is not a finite resource but can constantly be replenished, without harming or polluting the environment.

Wood stickers are a great example of this. While these stickers are natural, they are not always sustainable. Deforestation is a fundamental issue and wood stickers are only sustainable if their wood supply comes from a controlled and sustainable plantation.

Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap

What is the difference between eco-friendly stickers and biodegradable stickers?

The main difference between eco friendly stickers and biodegradable stickers their composition. They are made from different materials. We use different names to distinguish that.

Eco friendly labels and stickers are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and are available in a glossy white and clear. Biodegradable paper labels and stickers are made from a wood-free mix of sugarcane fiber, linen and hemp, giving them a great texture and a matte finish.

Are sustainable stickers and labels vegan?

Yes, none of our sustainable stickers and labels include animal products of by-product. That not only refers to the material used but also the ink we print with and the pressure-sensitive adhesive these stickers come with.

Rectangular clear eco friendly stickers applied to soap dispensers

Are these stickers and labels waterproof?

No. The materials used for both, our biodegradable paper stickers and our eco-friendly stickers are not waterproof, but splashproof only.

This is why we recommend using them indoors and not putting them in the dishwasher. The combination of heat and moisture will impact their looks and functionality.

You can find a detailed overview of what stickers and labels are waterproof here.

Can I have a round sustainable sticker?

Yes, you can. All of our sustainable stickers are available in any shape you can think of, from circle and square to kiss cut and die cut.

You can either include your own cutline when submitting your artwork or leave us a comment that includes the shape of your sticker as you place your order.

How are these stickers and labels shipped?

Our sustainable stickers and labels are shipped in sustainable packaging. They are securely packed into biodegradable “plastic” bags which are then placed into environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. We also use our very own biodegradable stickers to brand these boxes – and you should too!

Eco friendly label used as packaging seal on a cardboard box

What can I use sustainable stickers and labels for?

You can use these stickers for hundreds of applications. Some of our favorites include: food packaging, branding for eco-conscious brands, sustainable logo stickers to hand out at events, laptop stickersphone stickers, product labeling and much more.

For all labeling purposes, be sure to choose eco-friendly labels or biodegradable labels over stickers, as they are printed onto sticker sheets, making them much easier to peel.

How can I dispose of these stickers and labels?

Our sustainable stickers and labels are made from natural materials, making these stickers compostable. That means that you can simply put these compostable labels and stickers in your food waste or compost bin at home, where they will decompose within 12 weeks.

Eco friendly label applied to a black tin filled with vitagums, tilted, some are spilled

What about vinyl stickers?

Most vinyl stickers are made from PVC, which is made from a plastic material that is very hard to recycle. We aim to avoid PVC and use polypropylene instead.

Polypropylene can widely be recycled, making our vinyl stickers recyclable. The recycling process means that these stickers will not fill up landfills but can be given a new life. We are constantly exploring new recyclable materials, so definitely watch this space.

And that is all you need to know about our sustainable stickers and labels. Are you ready to make them your own? Or do you want to learn even more about them? Then check out our blog.