We’ve got plenty of options to help you create a sticker that ticks every box and looks fantastic, but if all the lingo is a sticking point for you, read on to discover how we can create stickers that are perfect for you.

Stuck for ideas?

The possibilities are endless for your stickers when you use Stickerit. First, think about where you want to use them. Whether you want stickers for packaging or your business, whether you want to use them in or outdoors, put them on plant machinery or laptops, we’ve got whatever you need to make your logo or design look fantastic in sticker form.

You’ll need to decide what size your sticker needs to be, what you want to print on your sticker and what kind of material you want to use, but don’t worry: by the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to get the best sticker for your needs.

White Gloss Stickers

This is a great multipurpose option that’s suitable for most situations, making it our most popular sticker. A white vinyl sticker can be great for marketing use, as well as labeling things like jars or bottles.

White vinyl stickers can be kiss cut or die cut, meaning you  can either have boarded stickers for quick and easy application, or you can opt to have individually cut stickers that are great for giveaways and promotions.

You can have a rectangular, circular, oval or square white vinyl sticker, giving you plenty of options when creating your design.

Heavy duty stickers

If you want a sticker that can be applied to a low-energy surface like a bin or plant machinery, you’ll want one of our super-adhesive heavy duty stickers.

Low-density materials like polyethylene require high-energy adhesive to stick to, which is what we use with our heavy duty stickers. This makes them great for sticking to bins, plant equipment, garden machinery or even motocross bikes!

Transfer stickers

Want a sticker with a clear background? A transfer sticker can be applied to surfaces that have a non-solid colour, without ruining your design.

If you’re looking for a sticker that you can use on your window, this is the sticker you’ll need.

Transfer stickers can be black or white in colour. Provided with an application tape that allows for easy positioning when applying. They do, however, have a minimum size of 2mm for any given element.

Clear stickers

If you’ve got a small logo, a clear sticker is likely to be your best option. This kind of sticker is printed onto a clear laminate and then laminated over again. This leaves you with clear edges to your sticker that are only visible on close inspection.

A clear sticker is easy to apply and gives your sticker a minimalist look. They’re great to use on bike frames or jars - applications which are too intricate for transfer stickers.

Front Adhesive stickers

As the name suggests, this kind of sticker has the sticky part on the front. Having the adhesive on the same side as the design opens up new possibilities for how you can display your artwork.

These are great for using to display a logo or design in all kinds of windows, from a shop displaying information to your car showing your support for your favourite football team.

Fluro, Pearl, Mirror and Hologram Stickers

Make your logo or design pop with a real standout product. These stickers all feature high-end finishes that create a truly special product to make your design turn heads.

A pearlescent or holographic sticker will give your design that extra edge, to make it stand out from the crowd. Fluorescent and mirror stickers achieve the same eye-catching effect through extra vibrancy and reflecting light at viewers, respectively.

Still stuck?

If you’re still not decided on what option will make the best sticker for your needs, contact us to find out more.