Gold Transfer Sticker

Transfer stickers ensure that your brand stands out. Perfect for bold, single colour designs, what defines this type of sticker, and how can it be used?

What is a transfer sticker?

A transfer sticker is cut out of vinyl, leaving no background. It comes supplied with transfer tape for easy application. The clear transfer tape holds the details of the sticker together when the paper backing is removed, allowing for intricate designs without a supporting background. In designer terms, the transfer sticker is like the PNG file of the sticker world.In designer terms, the transfer sticker is like the PNG file of the sticker world. Vinyl stickers are weather resistant, so they’re ideal for outdoor use. They get widely used as business signage for this reason.

How can it be used?

The most important feature of a vinyl transfer is the ability to apply your logo to a surface without the interruption of a background to your sticker. They’re great for taking logos or designs with individual elements that need to be held together, and applying them to any surface. Want to use a sticker on glasses, jars, laptops or other places where the white space in your design will stand out too much? You’ll need a transfer. They’re also great for wood grain surfaces, or any other surfaces with multiple colours. You can even use them on the bottom of shoes if you’re looking to try something a little out of the ordinary. Wherever you choose to apply your transfer, it’s important to prepare the surface appropriately. You’ll need to make sure the surface is clean, and has a flat area large enough for the sticker to be applied to. If foreign objects, or other substances, are already on the surface, it’ll make the transfer less likely to stay stuck down. As they make adding custom detail and personal touches so easy, transfers are also great for making your own wedding decorations; making customised centrepieces, invites and more.

What are the limitations of transfer stickers?

There are some things to bear in mind when considering using transfer stickers. Creating them is a more complicated process than with traditional stickers. The weeding process, which removes the excess vinyl from the logo, can be a difficult and delicate undertaking.To successfully create this style of sticker, no individual part of a design or logo can be under 2mm in width. While this may not sound like a challenge, this can still result in some back-and-forth in the design process.

When we proof a sticker, we want you to have the most accurate possible representation of how your finished product will look when it has been printed. This is more difficult with  transfer stickers, as showing exactly what will be left behind after weeding can be tricky.

Transfer stickers in summary

Transfer stickers are a quality product that can achieve excellent results. They come in a range of colour options, and with the durability of normal stickers - but now you can be sure that your most vibrant designs will be brought to life in one piece.

They’re great for bold designs, making them ideal for logos on glass doors, office windows and even labelling buildings and warehouses. They’re also ideal for labelling products, like jam jars, transparent packaging and laptop designs.

Though they can be difficult to proof, we can print your logo onto a clear background to give you an accurate representation of how the final product will look. The 2mm size limitation is also easily circumvented when you’re made aware of it up front.

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