With an ever-growing trend towards sustainability to combat the issues associated with climate change, it is essential to develop and sell products which are sustainable.

We are super excited to share our new product with you: a biodegradable sticker range which is eco-friendly, and completely compostable. These stickers give you a whole host of options for creativity whilst saving the environment. You can use stickers with a clear conscience.

Sticker It sustainable stickers in a nutshell

Made from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen, these stickers are 100% bioedegradeable, and will decompose completely. You don't have to worry about the quality either because the adhesion (stickiness) is still strong, making them suitable for a whole range of surfaces.

These can last up to 2 years, but we recommend keeping them inside as they are not very durable outdoors. This makes them great for all kinds of uses, but not great on your car.

Top uses for biodegradable stickers

Having stickers that fade away to nothing over time is surprisingly useful which many people do not realise.

For example, using stickers for easter egg hunts, bike trails, and walking tours means you can be safe in the knowledge they will not litter the environment, but are very useful.

Recycling stickers also means you can keep your latest designs updated, ensuring your brand image stays prominent.

Brands like Go Ape and The National Trust -- who both focus on the outdoor environment -- are perfect examples of companies which would use them.

Another great idea is using them to create sustainable packaging, which is perfect for eco-friendly brands. An increasing trend is companies approaching us for a more sustainable sticker, and this is it! 

Be safe, and ensure you packaging will be completely recyclable.

Biodegradable sticker benefits

As previously mentioned, biodegradable labelling means that less waste goes to landfill sites, reducing the levels of waste build-up. Decomposing material means that more natural elements will go back into the soil, which helps minimise the reliance on chemical fertilisation and pesticides.

Green initiatives are a big focal point of modern society because people are aware of the issues we face as a planet. Using stickers like this is a huge opportunity for your brand to become more eco-friendly, and people will love you for it.

We at Sticker It are ambitious, innovative, and determined to reduce the waste we make from stickers. This new sticker helps us achieve this goal, and we hope you enjoy it!