Karting Specalists 

A passion for karting inspired founders Michael and David Rubie-Todd to begin producing high quality kart graphics. 

After launching in 2007, Kart David experienced unprecedented annual growth of 100% per annum during its first six years, establishing a leading position within the global market. 

vdk kart kit

A decade later Sticker it was born, and the rest is history!


As our newest business venture established in 2018, Sticker it has allowed the Kartdavid team to diversify into the custom sticker market demand for bespoke and customisable stickers. 


Our Chief Executive Officer James McCabe joined the team in 2017 and supported significant growth in Kartdavid by a whopping 60% over the following year. 


The size of our Bristol office also grew in size! An important milestone for us.

sticker it management team

Our approach to motorsport mirrors our approach to business. 


Sticker it is built upon ambition, tenacity and innovation, but most importantly driven by passion and determination – much like the go kart racers we work with.

baby race kart

We are committed to building a leading manufacturing and production process; over the past 3years we have invested over £240,000 into Kartdavid which helped to unlock huge potential for Sticker it’s growth and development.   


Here at Sticker it, we understand that time is money. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing friendly customer support and simply order process to make your order time smooth and efficient (and most importantly - quick!). 


As we continue to expand and grow, we continually look for new ways to meet your needs. 


Please get in touch with our lovely team with any feedback or suggestions; we really do value your input!


A Glimpse into Sticker it's future

We aren’t able to provide next day delivery options...yet.


But stay tuned. Sticker it is in the process of developing a production and design service that will allow us to meet your needs through next day delivery soon. 


Until then, we will continue to offer our speedy turnarounds in less than 5 days to shipping. 

We're Keen to be Green 


We are also continually looking for new ways to help our planet. 


As the sticker industry becomes increasingly environmentally aware, we are responsible for minimising our impact throughout the production process. 


Introducing biodegradable stickers, we wanted to take a step in the right direction, and begin making the printing industry more sustainable


Put simply, we balance what we take out with what we put back. 


Through simple changes such as this we can positively influence consumer behavior whilst ensuring you continue to receive high quality and long-lasting stickers.

environmentally friendly sticker

Specialists in Standing Out

Sticker it’s vibrant product range presents you with bespoke design opportunities, absent elsewhere on the custom sticker market. 


Our unique fluorescentholographic and pearlescent sticker varieties are great at providing eye-catching and memorable stickers and branding.

star wars sticker