Spot the Difference

Popular and fashionable variations to the classic sticker finish, holographic and pearlescent vinyl are the liveliest materials on the market. 


Consider using these to add depth and texture to your design; but also, for an added bit of shine!


So, what’s the difference between the two?


Here’s to Holographic 


We like to classify holograms into two categories: security hologram stickers, and our hologram stickers. 


Security holograms are images printed on flat surfaces yet the object inside appears to be three-dimensional.  


As you tilt one of these stickers, the image inside appears to move so you can view it from different angles as if you were looking at the object in real life. 

Security holograms are more common than you may think… one is probably in your bag right now! 


Driving licenses and credit cards are everyday examples of complex holograms being used commercially. 


Given they are extremely difficult to forge, security holograms are effective in maintaining authenticity. This is why you may be familiar with holograms being used as an ‘anti-tamper’ method on product barcodes and packaging.

A Pearl of Wisdom


Alternatively, a pearlescent stickerdemonstrates a smoother iridescent or rainbow- coloured finish. 


An effect like this gives the perception of different colour combinations as the viewing angle changes; and the material catches the light. 

The unique chromatic texture of pearlescent stickers adds extra shimmer and a special, luxurious feel. 


This makes them an ideal material when producing stickers for special occasions like birthdays and weddings, and for creative marketing.

As with all of our materials, you can trust Sticker It’s high-quality products to provide you with long-lasting results which don’t fade.


Both hologram or pearlescent stickers can be glossed with either our matte or gloss protective laminate at the final stages of production to ensure that nothing dulls your shine. 


Additionally, the durable material resists tarnishing by scratches, scuffs, water and sunlight from the very first day. 


Each sticker is made using the same sticky adhesive as our white vinyl, so are suited for a variety of applications.