We’ve got a new product to share with you that we’re really excited about! Our biodegradable stickers introduce a whole new host of options for creative sticker usage, with minimal impact on the environment so you can stick where you like with a clear conscience.

Eco-friendly custom stickers

Made of 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen, the adhesive on these stickers still has great adhesion and tack properties so they’ll stick to a wide range of surfaces.

The matt white uncoated, wood-free printing paper is specifically designed for labelling that requires 100% biodegradability.

Though they can last up to two years, this varies greatly depending on where they are placed and can be much shorter when used outdoors. They're great for all kinds of uses, but don't make ideal bumper stickers!

Top uses for biodegradable stickers

There are so many possibilities opened up by having stickers that will fade away to nothing over time. In some cases, biodegradable stickers can even save you time.

For example, if you’re looking to plan an adventure trail in the woods for your kids, you can print stickers that point them in the right direction. You won’t have to worry about going around peeling the stickers off and you’ll be safe in the knowledge they’ll biodegrade on their own. You can do this for easter egg hunts, bike trails, educational nature days or any other outdoor activity you can imagine.

This can further apply to brands like The National Trust or Go Ape, who are based outdoors and could have any number of uses for temporary outdoor stickers.

Another great use for biodegradable stickers is packaging. We already have several customers signed up to use our new stickers for eco-friendly packaging, from a bakery to a grooming brand!

By using these stickers for their packaging, their customers will be able to recycle them without any hassle, meaning these brands can be true champions of green-mindedness.

Biodegradable benefits

By using biodegradable labelling, less waste goes to landfill sites, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and waste build-up. By composting materials instead, natural materials are created which help crops grow, minimising reliance on chemical means of fertilisation and pesticides.

With green initiatives being a huge focus for consumers at the moment, this is a huge opportunity for your brand to make their offering more eco-friendly. Whether you use them to create your packaging or for innovative and fun marketing campaigns, our biodegradable stickers open up all kinds of possibilities for creative displays of your logo, artwork or design.

As an ambitious and innovative company, we want to provide people with the very best product while also looking after the environment as much as we can. This new sticker type helps us do that and we hope you'll enjoy it!