Custom fluorescent, or ‘Day-Glo’ stickers offer a simple but effective way to give your sticker design the ultimate glow up.


Fluorescent colours draw the eye no matter the shape or size, with popular neon colours including red, orange, pink and green.

fluorescent alien

How does fluorescence work?


The magic behind fluorescent colours is that they absorb and reflect more lightthan standard colours. As fluorescents emit UV light, they glow. 


This allows them to appear brighter, and more vibrant; making them perfect to use when you want to grab attention or emphasize something important. 

caution fluorescent sticker

When and why pick fluorescent?


The vivid glow of a fluorescent colour makes them distinct and easily recognisable. Therefore, they are excellent to use for hazard or warning purposes due to this added visibility.


Contact details, promotional or product information will be certain to attract attention when highlighted with neon colours. Fluorescents are also handy for colour-coding or labelling stock in a warehouse. 

Shine bright with Sticker It 


Sticker It Tip: We love seeing fluorescents being used to provide impactful and memorable product branding that stands out from the crowd (literally!). 


Integrating neon colours into your producing branding will give it the extra edge; this punch of colour will help it to stand out from other products on the shelf. Don't be ordinary- be extraordinary! 

Usable on any clean and dry surface, Sticker it’s fluorescent range provides a long-lasting impact for up to a year outdoors. 


Our material is also resistant to scratches, water and sunlight damage; so, you can trust in our high quality, built from years of experience. Mix and match from our four fluorescent range to turn on the light for your branding.