How Bron's Vegan Brownies uses stickers at Halloween

Bron’s Vegan Brownies is a boutique brownie baker, based in Wales.

They create delicious, mouth-watering brownies all year round, and like to mix it up with themed brownies at different events throughout the year, such as Halloween. And this time, we helped them out with some printed stickers.

Halloween Brownies

Bronwyn, the founder, ordered custom eco-friendly stickers to go inside the packaging of her Halloween-themed brownies that get shipped to customers all over the UK.

Why did you want to add custom stickers to your brownie packages, Bronwyn?

“We love to bake themed brownies. It makes them memorable, keeps our customers experiencing something new, and, very importantly, coming back for more!

We ordered custom stickers & printed cards to elevate the experience for the customer & make them exclusive.

Brons Vegan Brownie Stickers

Repeat business is crucial for us and stickers are the perfect addition, because they get stuck on people’s laptops, fridges and notebooks and act as a reminder of the experience we gave them.

Plus, ordering from Sticker it was super easy & quick. I got them within days, the quality is awesome and they’re 100% biodegradable!
I’ve had fantastic feedback from customers, so I’ll be doing it again for sure.”

Here are some more images of Bron’s incredible brownies to make your mouth water. You can get your own from

Selection of delicious brownies

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