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  1. What is a design proof?

    You may have seen us referring to the handy design proofing system we provide on all orders, but you might not know what this means and how you benefit from it.
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  2. What kind of sticker do I need?

    We’ve got plenty of options to help you create a sticker that ticks every box and looks fantastic, but if all the lingo is a sticking point for you, read on to discover how we can create stickers that are perfect for you.

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  3. What is a transfer sticker?

    Gold Chrome Transfer Sticker

    Transfer stickers ensure that your brand stands out. Perfect for bold, single colour designs, what defines this type of sticker, and how can it be used?

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  4. The real difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers

    Kiss cut v Die Cut Sticker

    There are many factors to think about when you’re deciding what kind of sticker is right for your needs. One of the fundamental choices you’ll need to make are between Kiss cut and Die cut.

    While ones name sounds friendly and the other decisively less so, the differences are minimal. Despite this, they can still serve very different purposes, and making an informed decision on which option to pick can help you get more out of your custom sticker printing.

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  5. Why use Stickers to promote your Business?

    Pearlescent Mob Kitchen stickers on cookbook

    Stickers have been around for over two hundred years, with the self-adhesive variety having been created in 1935 by R.Stanton Avery. They’re something we now take for granted as a form of expression, seen everywhere from laptops to lamp posts. But what does it mean when someone uses a sticker and how can you harness this as a low-cost, high-impact marketing tool for your business?

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